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Cloud & Hosting

Tailored. Scalable. Affordable.

There are three main solutions centred around cloud infrastructure and hosting which are outlined below. If you have a specific requirement for your business please contact us to arrange a consultation regarding building a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.

Managed Cloud Hosting

This is a fully-managed offering that ensures that your infrastructure is securely hosted and accessible via cloud services. Hybrid backup keeps your data safe and in the event of a disaster your downtime is minimised. This solution keeps your servers running efficiently and securely using the latest hyperconvergence technology.

Unmanaged Cloud Hosting

Utilise the latest hyperconverged architecture to run your servers and infrastructure across the internet. Benefit from this highly efficient, scalable technology to minimise your back-end IT costs and resources, whilst enjoying the benefits of high performance network connectivity and protection from power outages.

Co-located Hosting

House your own servers and networking equipment in the most advanced UK data centre outside of London, utilising fast links to key peering points and having piece of mind that your equipment is in a fully resilient, N+1 environment. Benefit from lower network latency and greater protection.

Why choose Corbel for your hosting?

Corbel offers a variety of cloud computing and business hosting services allowing your business to take advantage of technologies such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), saving money and resources on costly hardware and maintenance contracts.

We have an open and honest approach and recognise the value in working strategically with our clients and we understand that the success of our clients’ business can be increased by delivering better value to their customers.

Your business critical data. Safe. Secure. Fast.

All our hosting solutions are based in a UK owned and operated data centre. Situated in Norfolk on a nine-acre site, the data centre is free of flood and terrorism risks and incorporates a variety of rigorous security measures including data hall access by iris recognition, CCTV coverage of every square inch of the site, microwave intruder detection and state-of-the-art fire protection systems. The site features backup power provided by a generator ensuring continuity of power in the unlikely event of an outage with sufficient fuel to support the site for eight days at full load. All power for the site is sourced from a 100% renewable supply and there is N+1 redundancy on all critical systems. This comprehensive infrastructure is complimented by diverse, resilient fibre connectivity that provides low latency links to major internet peering points.

Using Corbel to host your infrastructure and important data means your business is in safe hands and your IT needs can grow as your business requires without incurring significant capital expenditure, maintenance costs and dedicated resource.

“As part of continual commitment to staff and drivers, Maritime Transport are in the process of rolling out Ruckus Wi-Fi solutions to key transport depots across the UK.”

“In addition to this new Wi-Fi technology, the performance of key business networked applications has remained consistent through the quality of service settings. This added benefit of the availability of Wi-Fi across our sites, allows drivers to keep in contact with friends and family, browse the internet, view movies and listen to music when parked up overnight.”

“Corbel provided a comprehensive consultative approach, alongside project management to ensure the smooth delivery of this project.”

— Derek Keeble – Director of IT & HR, Maritime Transport
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