3 things to consider when moving to the cloud

The Corbel Blog

Whether you’re choosing your first cloud provider or looking to move on from an existing service, there are certain areas that all SMBs should look out for when making their final decision about where to put their data. These areas range from budgeting to security, and though you can’t be an expert in all of them, it’s a good idea to read up on the most relevant to your business needs. Pick the right cloud provider for your business with these tips.

Know where your data will be stored

Knowing where your data is and feeling confident about its security is essential. Whilst most sectors have legislation to meet, even if yours doesn’t, knowing where your data is and who has access to it will allow you to rest easy. GDPR shines a big spotlight on this so knowing where your data is, is even more essential.

Check your applications will work.

Moving to the cloud means there is a chance your current line of business applications run the risk of not being compatible. With tens of thousands software choices should you run into a compatibility issue, then a cloud alternative will be always accessible but you must check the practicality of this. Chances are your systems are tuned to your processes’ so investing the time to check and work out the changes needed ahead of time will be extremely advantageous.

Insist on future-proof security

Security is essential when it comes to the cloud, no matter which business sector you work in.  Has your provider talked to you about their policies and procedures? Are they GDPR compliant, are they cyber essentials approved? Do they use multi factor authentication? If they don’t have clear policies and support, then simply walk away.


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