Karen Rogers

Managing Director

Karen manages the day-to-day running of the company as well as managing key accounts for the Corbel business.

“I was educated in Felixstowe in Suffolk where I still live with my family today.  Whilst at school I had a very keen interest in the Computer Club and enjoyed playing around with the BBC Basic Computers at that time to create images and basic programmes.  My first job on leaving school in 1986 was as a telephone operator (Imagine Hong Kong Fuey style Switchboard) on a youth training scheme at a local shipping company in Felixstowe.  I quickly realised that I really wanted to look for a role where I could make use of my interest in IT.  In 1987 I joined a start-up company called Innovation Systems who were based in the Norsk Hydro building in Levingston at that time and were offering tailored programming to clients within the distribution business.   I had the most brilliant two years doing anything that the MD required of me from telemarketing, organising events and assisting with project management to learning how to undertake basic programming utilising a 4GL called Powerhouse – I learnt quickly and have such fond memories of that time.”

“To progress my career further in 1990 I joined a local IT company who in the same year were taken over by the Getech group of companies (currently Corbel Solutions).  My initial role was as Sales Support to an account manager quickly progressing within the first three months to a Junior account management role.  I remember really clearly my initial trepidation when I was offered the opportunity to progress to an external account management role which would allow me to utilise all the skills I had built up over the previous two years but face to face with existing and prospective clients.  I took the plunge and have never looked back –  quickly progressing to a Senior Account Manager in 1995 responsible for a small team and Major accounts within the Corbel business, Sales Manager in 2014 with responsibility for the whole Sales Team, in 2016 to Sales Director and in 2019 to Managing Director”

“I celebrated 29 years with the company last year and love every minute of it.  IT has changed enormously over the last twenty five years and I absolutely thrive on the challenge of understanding and communicating the changing landscape to our clients and seeing the difference it can make to their business.”