Paul Lough


My work life started at 14 at Getech, doing work experience for two weeks in the Workshop. This then led to working most of the summers following helping out… repairing and cleaning mountains of keyboards for swap out contracts to changing firmware in the old Wyse green screen terminals.  This was my first encounter with Mr John Williams who, little to my knowledge then, would have a big impact in my career.

I stayed on at school undertaking a Business studies course and working part time at Tesco’s, but soon found out I liked the colour of money and took up a job as production assistant for a display company called Impala in Ipswich. After about a year of doing this in 1996  I was offered a job within Getech as part of a Sun Microsystems contract, they had with there then owners Getronics.  The job was not very glamorous un boxing and cleaning monitors and re boxing them… But this was the real start of my career, I moved into the warehouse and shortly after was asked to head it up, I then transitioned into the configuration department which was my first real steps into the IT.

In late 1998 I started in the Technical department this was a massive learning curve, I started to train and take my Microsoft, Citrix exams with the help from Mr Williams; who has throughout my career been my IT mentor and Technical sounding board. I was given promotion to Technical Services Manager, we had about 10 in the team then ranging from Server, Telecoms and Security consultants. A few years later I was also asked to head up the end user sales team from which we created the Getech Solutions division.

In 2013 Corbel was founded and we underwent a whole rebranding exercise new logo, new website this was a really exciting phase for us all. We continued to grow and develop and in 2016 we undertook a Management buyout from the Getech group. I owe a lot thanks to the Getech board they have assisted me with the stepping stones and guidance throughout my career and given us the opportunity to undertake the MBO.

The real core of Corbel for me is its people, they are the real foundation of the company a lot of who I have now worked with for countless years and I hope to continue to do so…