Tim Goddard

Technical Director

I started my career over 30 years ago as a fresh faced trainee at a shipping office in Felixstowe. Computerisation wouldn’t affect how business was conducted until later in the 80’s, up to that time it was long hand and carbon paper, with telex forming the basis of any ‘e’ communication.

Life progressed as did my career, I followed the path of a Logistician, working for local transport companies as well as global steam ship lines.  One such company was Russell Davies, a titan in the Felixstowe trucking firmament and a pioneer in the use of technology, albeit using AS400 mainframe technology that would seem very passé in todays connected environment.

Fast forward a few years and marriage and children come along, as well as moves to Tilbury, Manchester, Rotterdam, London, San Francisco, Tampa and finally back to Felixstowe (with a few short stints in India somewhere in the mix).  During this period, I witnessed the development of the Internet and its adoption as a backbone for business applications.  To give you some context on the breadth of developments, one of my jobs as a 16-year-old trainee was to bag up 2 pence pieces, these would be given to the lorry drivers first thing on a Monday morning, to be used to ring in when they had reached their delivery location and to find out where to go next – Here we are in 2016 and most trucks are now fitted with GPS, their routing and planning is optimized by algorithm and they communicate by tablet from their cabs.

My relationship with Corbel goes back over 10 years to where I was introduced to Paul and Karen as potential providers of hosting solutions for business, at this time as Getech Solutions. I was working as IT Director for the largest privately owned transport provider and we would go on to forge a close working relationship that encompassed equipment supply, telephony, networking, and most importantly the hosting of Live and Disaster Recovery infrastructure.

So enough of the dry business stuff – I’m an avid supporter of the Arts, my wife is the Communications and Development Manager for the regional touring company Eastern Angles and of course she’s ICO entertainments!! I have three grown up children, I enjoy cycling, beer and wine and the Clash are my all time fav group (I’m still a punk at heart, albeit one with grey hair, arthritis and a lovely middle class outlook!!!)