Panasonic has formed part of Corbel’s telephony offering for over 10 years, with their systems having been installed in a wide variety of customer sites ranging from large private homes through to call centres. Our technical team has experience of the entire Panasonic portfolio.

With over 25 years’ experience in producing and developing telephone systems Panasonic has built its reputation on providing good solid systems, that are durable enough to take the day to day ware of the business environment.
Panasonic primarily focuses its telephony business at the sub 100 extensions market; with systems starting at just 3 lines and 8 extensions it offers a system for the small start-up business.


Panasonic provide a complete range of systems that encompasses all of the current technologies, including full IP, hybrid, digital and analogue systems.

The expertise which we have gained from years of working with Panasonic enables Corbel to acquire the most from any Panasonic system to enable our customers to benefit from the extensive range of features and functions available.

As a Panasonic Telephone Systems Partner Corbel are able to offer both the NS and the NSX telephone systems suitable for companies with just a couple of employees right up to larger organisations with more complex requirements.

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