Scale Computing

Scale Computing is an established partner within the Hyperconvergence market that achieves highly available infrastructure with simplicity.

Scale’s HC3 virtualisation platform brings together storage, servers, virtualisation and management into a single, unified system rather than treating them as separate components. The HC3 platform allows IT administrators to focus on managing applications and not the infrastructure.

HC3 lowers costs and significantly simplifies the infrastructure by eliminating the need for external storage, virtualisation licensing and training on a virtual infrastructure. Scale systems are easy to deploy and manage to the extent that a highly available, scalable and high performance infrastructure is as easy to manage as a single server.

The main benefits of choosing a Scale Computing HC3 solution include:

  • Scale HC3 integrates servers, storage and virtualisation software into an all-in-in appliance based system that is truly scalable and easy to manage.
  • High Availability delivering peace of mind
  • Ultimate Flexibility with the ability to create new VM’s in minutes
  • Simplicity with automation of management
  • Easy expansion with no downtime
  • Self-Healing
  • Dynamic storage optimisation
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