StorageCraft are pioneers in developing a powerful, lean snapshot imaging technology that captures and protects everything running on a computers hard drive – operating system, applications, settings and data. This technology has enabled StorageCraft to produce a fast, reliable, complete IT system recovery suite that is easy to use and affordable for any business.

The StorageCraft Recovery Solution addresses these main areas:

StorageCraft backups don’t bog systems down or interrupt people’s work. They include everything you need for a fast, complete recovery: the operating system, applications, services, configuration settings and data volumes.

StorageCraft tools enable you to perform push installations, configure multiple policy-based backup jobs at once, manage storage resources, verify backups work properly and receive alerts. Additionally, you can discover systems in need of protection and monitor all protected systems from a single dashboard.

Local backups can be useless in large-scale disaster situations. StorageCraft technology lets you replicate your backup images to the cloud or a remote location of your choice. That way you can access complete backups quickly, even if your local versions get destroyed in a disaster.

Even with the growing dominance of virtualisation, there’s still physical hardware to protect. This solution not only backs up physical systems, it also lets you restore those systems wherever you like – to the same or different hardware or to a virtual environment.

Virtualisation gives you amazing flexibility and so should your backup and recovery solution. The StorageCraft solution gives you the same reliable protection for both virtual and physical environments. Spin up a virtual machine in minutes to new hypervisors or to new physical hosts.

With the right cloud, a business can survive anything. Store copies of your backup images in a purpose-built recovery cloud and quickly get critical operations running again after any site-wide disaster. Restore a single file or your whole network in minutes.

Immediate recovery following a disaster is the whole point. StorageCraft provide a powerful arsenal of recovery options that work together to keep business running. Recover documents, restore systems and data – even fail over an entire network. Backups don’t matter if your can’t restore.

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