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Our Team

Corbel has a talented team of IT professionals who are committed to providing a first-class service. Our expert team successfully combines high-quality advice and leadership with a friendly approach that ensures client satisfaction. This has enabled trusted, long-term relationships to be established with our clients.

Here at Corbel, the singularly most important factor to the success of our customer implementations is our people who always work with an integrity and passion to deliver successful outcomes to our clients. Our aim is to convey complex ideas simply avoiding unnecessary jargon and to be knowledgeable on all matters of IT and Disaster Recovery – to ultimately delivery our clients value for money. Quite simply we put ourselves in your shoes and always deliver!

Interested in joining Corbel? Please visit our Careers section for further information and current opportunities.

The Directorial Team

Paul Lough
Managing Director

Karen Rogers
Sales Director

Tim Goddard
Technical Director

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