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Ipswich Building Society Choose Workplace Recovery

Established in 1849, Ipswich Building Society offers a range of mortgages and savings accounts from their branches in Suffolk. Their mission is to continue supporting people in the local community to buy a home and save for the future, providing carefully crafted products and attentive service.

It is essential for Ipswich Building Society to be able to continue their day to day business function, enabling them to offer the first class personal service their members expect, whatever the disaster.

The Challenge

In case of an onsite disaster: fire, flood, power failure or road closures, the integral team at Ipswich Building Society need to continue office based day to day client facing activities. The geographical location of the workplace recovery solution was a consideration for ease of staff movement.

  • Safe, secure and reliable access to the IBS IT infrastructure was required
  • Call centre operations proved essential to continue client care
  • A suitable, accessible geographical location needed to be found
  • A cost effective workplace recovery solution was desired
  • Ability to invoke quickly to ensure continuation of critical services proved essential
Ipswich Building Society Logo
Ipswich Building Society

The Solution

  • 35 seats have been reserved at one of the 3 Corbel workplace recovery suites
  • Connectivity ready site
  • Workplace recovery invocation plan tested annually over two consecutive days (when required)
  • Telephony services are repointed to the workplace recovery suite
  • Private wi-fi networks are created
  • Easily accessible workplace recovery sites including parking
  • 4 hour invocation
  • All premises and hardware are maintained by Corbel with no capital investment required from Ipswich Building Society

“With DR playing such a pivotal role in the financial services industry it is good to find a local invocation site and a like minded company in Corbel.”

“A positive outcome to our first DR test at Corbel. Staff went away happy in the knowledge that if an incident happens we have a working solution. Staff couldn’t believe how smoothly everything went and were highly complimentary of the Corbel staff and the set up.”

Ronnie Weston, Manager Support Services

Edison House Group

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