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PBIS initially asked Corbel to support their Panasonic telephone systems nearly 20 years ago. As part of an upgrade to a Mitel IP system, Corbel consolidated existing telephone lines and moved them to an ISDN30; significantly reducing monthly line rental whilst adding new functionality.

In 2007, Corbel was invited to take over the support of their IT network which consisted of several clone servers located across two sites and linked via multiple ADSL, with email provided via POP3. The existing system had been poorly architected by a previous provider, which resulted in a hefty and unexpected licensing charge and the need for a change.

Corbel optimised and migrated the network to new HP servers and installed a Microsoft Small Business Server, enabling PBIS to bring in-house email under their control.

In 2012, PBIS asked Corbel to replace existing ADSL lines with a BT short haul data service providing a 100MB private link between the two offices, enabling the relation of all servers to a single site which frees-up the other site for backup purposes.

In addition, Corbel recently provided PBIS with a new virtual server solution using two physical servers and a single disk array, providing improved reliability and increased flexibility.

Most recenty, Corbel completed a refresh of the exisiting Mitel telephone system.

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