Thompson & Morgan

Since the first seed catalogue was published in 1855, Thompson & Morgan has grown to become one of the UK’s largest Mail Order Seed and Plant companies.

Thompson & Morgan has had a strong and trusted relationship with Corbel for more than 10 years.

Thompson & Morgan has a technical support contract with us, which is utilised for IT projects (scoping, consultancy and documentation), health checks, IT Training and escalation purposes from Thompson & Morgan’s own IT Department. The contract covers all aspects of their IT infrastructure from firewalls, spam solutions, telecoms, anti-virus, web access solutions, WAN links, server infrastructure, licensing and peripherals.

Corbel provides Thompson & Morgan with extensive disaster recovery services from a replicated infrastructure (key servers replicated in real time at a byte level), a ’hot seat’ facility in the event of a disaster – at our fully furnished DR site, together with call forwarding of key telephone numbers. This solution is configured for a mixture of physical and virtual servers.

With our purchasing power we are also able to provide competitive pricing for all of the IT procurement requirements of Thompson & Morgan. We offer a proactive relationship and work closely with the IT department.