Managed Cloud Hosting

Our fully-managed hosting service provides unrivalled IT support by our expert technicians. You can save time and money by transferring your server infrastructure to our highly secure Cloud environment, and gain confidence that your critical system will be maintained efficiently.

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Unmanaged Cloud Hosting

Keep to your own schedule and have control over the maintenance and updates of your business data and applications with Bare Cloud. Upgrade to our powerful cloud environment, with increased security, to minimise costs and be free of a physical server.

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Co-located Hosting

Provide greater protection for your server by investing in a co-location hosting solution, in one of the UK’s most advanced datacentres. By using our location for your computing infrastructure, you can gain peace of mind that your critical systems are safe and sound.

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Not sure where to start? Contact our helpful support team to discuss our services

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“Fargo Systems provide specialist software, both through on premise and hosted options to the intermodal, transport and logistics industries. Corbel were chosen as the supplier of choice for our migration project, to allow us to migrate from a Microsoft Exchange on premise solution, to the Microsoft 365 cloud offering.”

“Corbel provided an extensive consultation to understand our existing solution and to enable the migration process to be executed smoothly, with minimal disruption to our business. They were then able to provide an overview of the features that would enable our business processes further. A Corbel Project Manager guided us through the process seamlessly from beginning to end.”

“Fargo are in the process of expanding our business and the 365 model allows us to achieve this simply and cost effectively. We would highly recommend Corbel as a partner.”

Steve Collins – Sales Director, Fargo Systems

Did You Know?

55 % Of downtime is due to hardware failure
22 % Of downtime is due to human error
5 % Of downtime is due to nautral disasters

Why choose Corbel for your hosting?

Corbel offers a variety of cloud computing and business hosting services allowing your business to take advantage of technologies such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), saving money and resources on costly hardware and maintenance contracts.

We have an open and honest approach and recognise the value in working strategically with our clients and we understand that the success of our clients’ business can be increased by delivering better value to their customers.

Your business critical data. Safe. Secure. Fast.

All our hosting solutions are based in a UK owned and operated data centre. Situated in Norfolk on a nine-acre site, the data centre is free of flood and terrorism risks and incorporates a variety of rigorous security measures including data hall access by iris recognition, CCTV coverage of every square inch of the site, microwave intruder detection and state-of-the-art fire protection systems. The site features backup power provided by a generator ensuring continuity of power in the unlikely event of an outage with sufficient fuel to support the site for eight days at full load. All power for the site is sourced from a 100% renewable supply and there is N+1 redundancy on all critical systems. This comprehensive infrastructure is complimented by diverse, resilient fibre connectivity that provides low latency links to major internet peering points.

Using Corbel to host your infrastructure and important data means your business is in safe hands and your IT needs can grow as your business requires without incurring significant capital expenditure, maintenance costs and dedicated resource.