Corbel Bare Cloud.

Unmanaged cloud hosting. We’ll bring your infrastructure to the cloud. You bring the backups.

Bare Cloud enables your business to move the IT infrastructure into a secure cloud environment while still allowing you to have full control over fundamentals, such as maintenance, patching and backups. This solution allows you to reap the benefits of a virtual infrastructure over a more expensive and resource-hungry physical one, without having to relinquish control of your critical systems and paying for managed services when you already have the resource and expertise in your business to get the job done.

What is Bare Cloud?

Bare Cloud is a cost-effective solution to many of the IT issues faced by many small to medium-sized businesses:

  • The high costs of investing in IT equipment
  • Expansion of IT infrastructure as the business requirements grow and evolve

Bare Cloud allows you to be free of a physical server infrastructure on premise, moving it instead to a secure cloud environment. You still have control over your critical systems – maintaining them, updating and patching them to your own schedule. Also, you have the freedom to implement your own backup solution as part of your backup plan, maintaining backups of your critical systems as you require.

What are the benefits of Corbel Bare Cloud?


No capital investment.

A physical IT infrastructure typically involves a significant upfront financial commitment and then incurs further costs during its life – maintenance, upgrades, repairs and so on. This kind of expenditure often requires detailed planning and forecasting to ensure that funds are available and that costs don’t escalate out of control.

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud allows you to monitor and get a much clearer picture of costs and return on investment. The initial cost bubble of setting up a physical infrastructure isn’t needed in the cloud, everything is billed on a monthly basis instead.

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Improved availability.

IT equipment performs at its best when it’s kept under climate controlled conditions and is powered by a clean, reliable source. Another benefit of these conditions is that equipment tends to last longer too, with components suffering less stress and wear.

Bare Cloud solutions are based in a data centre environment which is optimised for large volumes of servers and networking equipment. There is an abundance of clean, filtered power backed up by instantaneous secondary power should there be an outage. With the addition of hyperconvergence technology, your businesses IT infrastructure is sitting on a sound, reliable and resilient platform inherently more beneficial to your business than having to have a server room in your own premises.

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Better security and flexibility.

An increasing concern regarding business IT is how secure their systems are from attacks like ransomware etc. Bare Cloud includes maintenance of such things outside your immediate IT environment, including firewalls, routers and internet connectivity. You are still responsible for maintaining and patching your own systems but your resources will not be so stretched having to worry about your core systems as well as everything else. Your business will be safe and secure running on the latest hyperconvergence technology, protected by our fully-maintained firewall.

As your business grows and your infrastructure needs to expand to cope, just increase your virtual infrastructure as you would a physical one. Need more processing speed? No problem. More storage space for customer data? No problem. Better still, you can see how these changes will affect your monthly outgoings in advance, allowing you to be better prepared and plan ahead.

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Increased productivity.

Bare Cloud allows your IT infrastructure to be available to office staff and remote workers, even people able to access it via a mobile device while they are out in the field.

Not only are there more opportunities to enable staff to access the systems they require, those systems are running on a highly stable, resilient infrastructure. This platform is supported by a comprehensive plethora of backup equipment should a disaster or power outage occur.

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Costs visibly predictable.

Monthly billing helps you monitor current costs and forecast costs into the future, giving you a much clearer picture without putting an initial strain on financial resources.

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Maintain and backup your own way.

Bare Cloud provides you with the advantages of running your IT infrastructure on a high performance hyperconvergence platform without having to pay for managed services which you may not need. You still get the same level of internet connectivity as with Business Cloud, plus your systems are also behind a fully Corbel managed firewall.

That’s where the similarity ends. You can maintain and patch your systems to your own schedule and level, plus you can create and maintain your own backup schedule using your own backup solution. This may be convenient for your business as you could continue to use existing backup sets once you’ve migrated across to the Cloud platform until you’ve built up enough backup instances on the new infrastructure.

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Highly secure data centre environment.

With Bare Cloud you have access to your critical systems at any time without the overhead of maintaining a growing infrastructure and keeping it secure. Our Bare Cloud solution is hosted in a high-security, state-of-the-art data centre situated on a large UK site free from risks of flooding and terrorism. The site features a highly visible security presence and is protected by advanced fire protection systems. The data centre is incredibly resilient, featuring connectivity from many providers via various routes and enough backup power to support the site for eight days at maximum capacity. Power is 100% renewable and all critical systems are covered with N+1 redundancy.

“As part of continual commitment to staff and drivers, Maritime Transport are in the process of rolling out Ruckus Wi-Fi solutions to key transport depots across the UK.”

“In addition to this new Wi-Fi technology, the performance of key business networked applications has remained consistent through the quality of service settings. This added benefit of the availability of Wi-Fi across our sites, allows drivers to keep in contact with friends and family, browse the internet, view movies and listen to music when parked up overnight.”

“Corbel provided a comprehensive consultative approach, alongside project management to ensure the smooth delivery of this project.”

Derek Keeble – Director of IT & HR, Maritime Transport