Corbel become a partner for the 30th Anniversary of St Elizabeth Hospice!

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We are incredibly honoured to announce that we are a partner for the 30th Anniversary of St Elizabeth Hospice. Here at Corbel, through friends and family members, we have seen first-hand the wonderful work that the hospice undertakes. There are so many misconceptions about the type of place a hospice is and yet whilst death exists, the range of care, commitment and support provided by the remarkable staff brings people joy and happiness. We are so incredibly lucky to have these amazing facilities within our local community and as a fellow Ipswich company Corbel feels passionately about raising awareness and money for this invaluable service and that is why we became a 30th anniversary partner to support their mission.

As part of our role Corbel has pledged to raise a minimum of £3,000 for St Elizabeth Hospice. The hospice cares for over 2,000 patients a year. Their work improves life for people living with progressive and terminal illnesses and centres around the individual’s needs. They provide specialist support wherever it is needed, in your own home, in the community or at the hospice. Each year the hospice needs to generate £10.5 million to ensure that these vital services continue to run.

As a small company Corbel really wanted to think big when it came to fundraising and do the most they possibly could to reach their target. After our Managing Director Paul Lough hit new heights last year climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, in aid of Cancer Research UK, we were keen to take on something momentous enough and something that the whole team could get their teeth into. As complete fitness amateurs we decided that running would be the logical challenge to take on. However, we knew running the local 5K was not going to be enough- we wanted to really push ourselves so people could see how much it meant to us to be a 30th Anniversary partner and to actually donate to our cause. Subsequently, our team decided to do a 10K.

Not just one 10K but 10 10Ks!!!

Whilst some of our staff members looked on in disbelief, a heroic team of 6 stepped forward to take on the biggest running challenge ever to cross Corbels threshold. The inexperienced dream team, who had barely donned a pair of running trainers since school days, set about trying to up their fitness game in anticipation of the first 10K event at the end of February. Progress has already seen a range of highs and lows, from falls and injuries to personal bests at the weekly Parkruns, our dream team really are giving it their all.

We’re just hoping that their all is going to get them through 10,000 kilometres……..in actual fact all 10 of them!!!

It’s no mean feat and the most important thing to us is that we are raising as much awareness and money as possible for St Elizabeth Hospice. So please consider donating if you can and follow our journey from running novices to 10 10K pros!


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