Corbel expands protection for businesses against cyber-attacks and disasters

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Ipswich-based IT service provider Corbel has expanded its portfolio by opening a new 150-seat workplace recovery suite to help businesses function in the event they suffer a cyber-attack or disaster at their own premises.



In an effort to increase support for local businesses against the growing threat of cyber-attacks the new facility allows companies to temporarily relocate their staff, data and telephony to one of Corbel’s three workplace recovery suites where they can take calls using their business number and access their data remotely so they can continue business as usual.

The newly completed facility was opened by the Mayor of Ipswich, Sarah Barber, during an Open Day ceremony performed on Wednesday 20th September.

Disasters can happen to any business at any time and the downtime they can cause can be incredibly damaging to the core business and many organisations don’t even survive such events. Disasters can come in many forms, including fires, floods, fraud, ransomware, cyber-attacks, power interruptions, system failures, human error, acts of terror and natural events like flash flooding and tornadoes amongst others.

(left to right: Tim Goddard, Karen Rogers, Mayor of Ipswich Councillor Sarah Barber, Councillor Colin Kreidewolf, Paul Lough) Photo: James Ling

(left to right: Tim Goddard, Karen Rogers, Mayor of Ipswich Councillor Sarah Barber, Councillor Colin Kreidewolf, Paul Lough) Photo: James Ling

“Our clients need to know they can get on with business whatever happens” states Paul Lough, Corbel’s Managing Director. “The NHS cyber-attack in May clearly highlighted the threat” states Paul. “With a secure backup and access to our workspace recovery suites, businesses can be sure any unforeseen circumstances or attack won’t stop them serving their customers”.

Corbel’s disaster recovery facilities are complemented by a range of IT services that allow business to cut costs, maximise returns and simplify their IT infrastructure, enabling their IT resources to work more efficiently and be able to respond better to everyday support requests.


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Corbel is a dynamic organisation that provides a comprehensive range of IT services including a fully managed service for hosting your company’s infrastructure, back-up and disaster recovery services, networking, connectivity and IT support. Corbel works with business, charities and educational establishments of all sizes in and around the Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire areas. The company opened their first workspace-recovery suite in 2013 and have now launched their third to satisfy demand from businesses in the East.

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