Do You Need a Cyber Security Audit?

The Corbel Blog

Cyber security is quickly becoming one of the biggest necessities in the business world. The number of threats and breaches that are encountered every day is quickly rising, so prevention methods are needed to take action and ultimately protect your company.

The consequences experienced from cyberattacks can be detrimental to any business, but on the other hand, they have helped our security methods evolve and prevent any further attacks. By gaining more of an insight about how cyberattacks occur and their motive behind their hack, our modes of prevention can adapt and our strategies can update so they will always be able to protect our systems.

A cyber security audit is the best way to establish your level of cyber security and where improvements can be made. Especially since new protocols have been implemented, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is incredibly important to make sure you have strong enough security procedures in place.

With the New Year approaching, why not invest in a new IT supplier and take advantage of Corbel’s free IT health check? As well as evaluating how secure your IT system is, our free, no-obligation cyber security audit and compliance also inspects your connectivity, hardware and backups.

It is extremely important that all of these areas comply with security regulations so there is less risk of any dangerous incidents. Our cyber security audit process looks at both your connectivity and your hardware closely, identifying any potential issues and how you can improve them. Also, by making sure that your backups are being processed correctly and efficiently, you will always be prepared if a disaster was to occur.

Once we have performed this audit, our experts at Corbel will be able to assist you in making your IT system 100% safe and secure, so you and your clients know where you stand. Contact us today to enquire about our free cyber security audit.