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Corbel has many years of experience in Disaster Recovery and we currently offer three solutions that accomodate a wide range of situations depending upon the level of cover your business requires.

Managed Cloud Hosting

& Workplace Recovery

A premium version of our Business Cloud hyperconverge cloud hosting solution with the added insurance of seats at one of our disaster recovery suites.

Business as usual.


We have over 350 seats in our Disaster Recovery suites serving Essex and East Anglia. When a disaster strikes, don’t let your business become a casualty.

Managed backups.

Where you need them

Need a reliable off-site backup solution? Backup to our highly secure, data centre-based solution. Restore to your local site or a disaster recovery site of your choice.

How can Corbel help with disaster recovery for my business?

Disasters can happen to any business at any time and the downtime they can cause can be incredibly damaging to the core business and many organisations don’t even survive such events. Disasters can come in many forms, including fires, floods, fraud, ransomware, cyber-attacks, power interruptions, system failures, human error, acts of terror and natural events like flash flooding and tornadoes amongst others.

Could your company survive without an IT system? IT is now a fundamental aspect of a business’ day-to-day operations; failing to plan ahead or deal with major system issues could have wide implications for your business. Many insurers now require businesses to have some form of Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan. Disaster Recovery (DR) generally relates to minimal down time and little or no loss of critical data; Business Continuity (BC) alternatively allows for longer down times and an element of data loss.


Did you know…?


of downtime is due to hardware failure


of downtime is due to human error


of downtime is due to nautral disasters

the average time it takes business' to recover after a disaster

the average time it takes the average company's internet connection (25 Mbps) to replicate 5TB of data

companies do not have a disaster recovery plan

Your disaster recovery plan must ensure that your entire business infrastructure can be recovered within the shortest time possible to minimise company downtime and disruption to turnover. Part of your plan must ensure that business-critical data, systems, desktops, servers and the entire infrastructure remains protected and recoverable.

Corbel has extensive knowledge in this sector and can offer a range of DR/BC solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. As well as providing DR as a service (DRaaS), we have a number of fully-functional physical sites available that can act as relocation IT office suites; in the unfortunate event of a disaster, your staff can migrate to these suites and continue to function without interruption. Corbel will also provide replication of your information to one of our data centres. This can be achieved in several ways depending upon your individual DR or BC requirements. Corbel can offer full server or data only software replications of your IT servers; for full DR, continuous data replication is also available.

Please contact us to discuss your disaster recovery requirements or call us on 01473 241515.


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