Corbel Business Cloud Premium.

Managed cloud hosting with workplace recovery.

Ideally your IT infrastructure should be a subliminal part of your business – something that just happens and works, like electricity in the home for example. This means that it needs to be invisible, easy to maintain and is able to scale as the business demands it. All of this is possible with a physical infrastructure but it can pose significant challenges at times. Our Business Cloud Premium service allows you to house your infrastructure in a highly secure data centre, accessing it and scaling it as your business requirements dictate.

What is Business Cloud Premium?

Business Cloud Premium is a way to move your physical (and/or virtual) server setup to a highly secure cloud environment. This managed service features a hybrid hardware/cloud backup facility plus in the event that your business premises become affected by a disaster, you can relocate your business operations to one of our disaster recovery suites and continue business as normal. This comprehensive solution means that your infrastructure and your business are protected against disastrous events such as user error, data corruption or a cyber attack such as ransomware.

What are the benefits of Business Cloud Premium?

No capital investment.

Traditionally, servers and other IT infrastructure components required a fairly significant upfront investment, followed by ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs. As these costs cannot be spread over the financial year, maintenance and any expansion projects are usually scheduled across the year to spread the cost and impact on the business as a whole.

With Business Cloud Premium your infrastructure can be just as complex as the business requires, but the costs are on a monthly basis, meaning that infrastructure investment is gone and a much more affordable ongoing cost takes its place. This makes it much easier to forecast costs and plan projects around when the business actually needs them rather than trying to work schedules from a cost basis.

Improved availability.

It’s well known that servers and other equipment performs at its best and most reliable when it’s running in climate controlled conditions and served by a clean, constant power source. Our Business Cloud Premium servers are housed in one of the most advanced data centres in Europe, based here in the UK. This means that our advanced hyper converge technology is supported by a clean, reliable power source (with secondary power if necessary) and is located in the carefully controlled climate of a data hall. The end result is that your infrastructure is running on a stable foundation meaning you’ll suffer less downtime than you might by running a physical infrastructure at your own business premises.

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Better security and flexibility.

Business Cloud Premium is a fully managed service and in-house experts undertake all the routine maintenance of your critical systems, leaving you to concentrate on your business whilst knowing that your infrastructure is patched and updated against the most recent bugs and security exploits. Our expert team also maintain all the network infrastructure including firewalls and routers.

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Increased productivity.

Your servers and infrastructure are running on a highly reliable platform which is backed by a stable environment that has many levels of redundancy. This means that your systems will run better and for longer, no suffering from frozen connections, periodic reboots and slow performance. Also your critical systems will be available to all your staff, including remote workers and people who are able to access it via a mobile devices while they are out in the field.

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Hybrid backup.

All your critical systems are backed up onto our hybrid backup system which comprises of a hardware appliance for quick local snapshots and restores, with secure cloud storage for older sets ready for restoring should the need arise. This hybrid solution has been designed to deal with all manners of disaster – from human error to ransomware and physical failures.

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Workplace recovery seats.

Our Business Cloud Premium service also includes a minimum of two seats at one of our workplace recovery facilities. Should your physical offices become untenable and you need to invoke your disaster recovery plan, you can relocate critical systems to one of our disaster recovery suites and that will enable your staff to continue to work – either by utilising seats at the facility or by working remotely and connecting to the virtual infrastructure that we will bring up for you as part of the service.
We will also arrange an annual test session where you can perform a trial run of your invocation plan and use your workplace seats to ensure that in the event of a genuine invocation your systems would be working reliably to allow you to continue business as usual.

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Costs visibly predictable.

Monthly billing helps you monitor current costs and forecast costs into the future, giving you a much clearer picture without putting an initial strain on financial resources.

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What happens when disaster strikes our physical business premises?

If you suffer an event that makes your business premises untenable, then you can relocate to a Corbel disaster recovery site and make use of the seats that are provided as part of Business Cloud Premium. From here you can boot up your VM’s from the recovery appliance inside the secure data centre. In the situations where this may not be possible, it is also feasible to boot up VM’s from the backup sets that are stored in the secure cloud environment.

Highly secure data centre environment.

With Business Cloud Premium you have access to your critical systems at any time without the overhead of maintaining a growing infrastructure and keeping it secure. Our Business Cloud Premium solution is hosted in a high-security, state-of-the-art data centre situated on a large UK site free from risks of flooding and terrorism. The site features a highly visible security presence and is protected by advanced fire protection systems. The data centre is incredibly resilient, featuring connectivity from many providers via various routes and enough backup power to support the site for eight days at maximum capacity. Power is 100% renewable and all critical systems are covered with N+1 redundancy.

“A big thank you from me, to Keiron and everyone who has been involved in the various elements (all 13 of them!) of the Summer Project for St Joseph’s, that we’ve had to fulfil in such a short time frame. It has been a fantastic effort and was wonderful to see everyone pulling together to ensure its success – a true team effort.”

Debbie Baber – Bursar and Clerk to the Governors, St Josephs College