Recovery Cloud

Managed backups. Wherever you need to access them.

As well as our all-in-one solutions for backup and disaster recovery, we also offer a number of vanilla solutions catering for more general business requirements. Recovery Cloud is our vanilla backup solution, offering remote, off-site backup facilities housed in a highly secure UK-based data centre.

What is Recovery Cloud?

Corbel Recovery Cloud is essentially a managed backup service that secures your critical company data off-site in a secure data centre environment. These backup sets can then be restored to your local site or a remote site in the event of a disaster.

What are the benefits of Corbel Recovery Cloud?

Fully-managed backups.

Our Recovery Cloud solution gives you complete confidence that your critical data is being safely backed up to a secure storage area, ready to be restored at any moment should your business suffer a disaster – be it a cyber attack, hardware failure or simply a case of human error.

We will work with you to make sure that your critical files are scheduled to be backed up at regular intervals and help you devise a backup plan that works for your business. Testing is just as important as the backup itself and we will schedule testing and verification points into your backup plan to ensure that when you need to access your backups that they are in fully operational order. Being a fully-managed service you will receive full reporting on the state of your backups, along with testing and verification statuses.

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Restore to a recovery site when disaster strikes.

In the event that disaster strikes your business there are a variety of options allowing you to continue business as usual. Should you suffer issues locally then Recovery Cloud will help you retrieve your corrupted data back to your local site so you can continue to trade. If your business premises become untenable – through fire, health and safety issue etc, Recovery Cloud will allow you to restore your critical data to a remote site (such as a disaster recovery suite, for example) whereby you can bring your systems back online in a virtual environments, allowing staff to connect remotely and continue to work in their normal fashion.

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Highly secure data centre environment.

Corbel Recovery Cloud allows you to run your own hardware in one of the most leading edge and secure data centre facilities in Europe, free from risks of flooding and terrorism.

The site features a highly visible security presence and is protected by advanced fire protection systems. The data centre is incredibly resilient, featuring connectivity from many providers via various routes and enough backup power to support the site for eight days at maximum capacity. Power is 100% renewable and all critical systems are covered with N+1 redundancy.

There’s no hidden costs or packages where you end up paying for managed services which you may not need. You’ll get your own dedicated feed into your area giving you uncontended internet connectivity plus you’ll have the flexibility of arranging your own backup and firewall solutions.

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Climate controlled environment.

IT equipment creates heat which can be damaging and shorten its life. Cooling is essential. The data halls are temperature maintained at 25 degrees Celsius, cooler than industry and manufacturer guidelines and feature humidity control to improve equipment life.

The data centre also features a ‘free cooling’ system which uses less energy by harnessing lower outside temperatures, recycling of waste heat to power humidity control, ‘N+1’ backup of all critical systems.

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Power cuts happen. Downtime shouldn’t have to.

We understand that your infrastructure is critical to your business and downtime is something to avoid at all costs. The facility housing all Recovery Cloud servers features an instantaneous power from a ‘Rotary Uninterrupted Power Supply’, three backup generators with sufficient fuel for eight days electricity at maximum capacity, two sets of power delivery infrastructure and all power sourced from a 100% renewable supply.

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High-security, including cameras, fire detection and extinguishing devices.

Physical security is the first consideration when protecting your data. Situated in a very low risk location, this data centre facility features a 3-metre security fence, 24/7 security guards, microwave intruder detection, extensive CCTV, proximity card access and biometric iris scanning.

In any secure environment, malicious or accidental fire is always a threat. This facility includes a zoned fire detection system controlled by a building management system, gas suppression using inert gas to extinguish fire in the server rooms without damaging equipment. Also, there is a ‘dry pipe pre-action mist system’ which guards against false triggering.

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Predictable monthly costs.

Our Recovery Cloud service is billed on a monthly basis helping have better control over current costs and help to forecast costs into the future. This subscription-style pricing model has the additional benefit of providing you with a much clearer picture without putting an initial strain on financial resources.

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What happens when disaster strikes our physical premises?

If you suffer such a severe event that your physical premises is damaged to the point that your business cannot continue to function on-site, then you can relocate to a remote site and with help from Recovery Cloud can boot up as many VM’s as you require, allowing users to connect to your systems remotely and perform their usual business functions.