Happy International Women’s day!

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International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women. Yet it is also a day that highlights the gender divide in the technology industry. Currently just 7% of girls take computer studies A Level courses and only 17% of those studying Computer Science in higher education are women, which is the lowest percentage in any field alongside engineering and technology. Subsequently, this has led to only 15% of UK employees being made up of women in the STEM sector. Here at Corbel we are keen to support International Women’s Day and the #WomenInTech movement to highlight the brilliant work females are executing across all industries and have taken the opportunity to showcase the roles of 3 of our prominent women in team Corbel.


Here we interview; Karen Rogers- Managing Director, Hannah Underdown- Account Manager and Karen Hubbard- Internal Customer Account Manager.


  1. What does your role entail?

Karen R: Overseeing the day to day operation of the company.

Hannah U: My role at Corbel predominately involves managing key accounts within the business. This includes managing projects, being an escalation point, completing external meetings and ultimately making sure each account is receiving the high standard of service that everyone at Corbel prides themselves on. One of the great things about Corbel is that every day is different, and we’re a real team – when something needs to be done, whether it’s part of your role or not, we all pull together and get it done.  

Karen H: Internal Customer Account Manager which includes producing quotes, sales order processing and tracking, billing and invoicing – generally ensuring the customers are kept up to date and happy. I’m also “Mrs Everything Christmas” and get involved with specialist projects and events.


  1. How have you found being a woman, working in your sector?

Karen R: A really positive experience, I have been given lots of opportunities in my role and have always grabbed them with both hands.  It’s all about what you do and what you deliver.

Hannah U: The IT sector is male orientated but I think it’s refreshing that there are a number of women at Corbel. I enjoy working within the IT sector and find it fascinating learning about new, cutting edge technologies. It’s exciting to know that Corbel invest lots of time technically exploring new offerings to be at the cutting edge.

Karen H:  I’ve found it really interesting, thought-provoking and satisfying working in this sector.  LAN, FTP and CPU could have all been a foreign language when I first started and although I am by no means a “techie nerd” I have learnt a lot over the years.   My roles within the company have changed throughout my time and previously I had worked in all-male department which if I’m honest was a challenge at times however, it was also incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.


  1. How do you think your sector will change in the next 5 years?

Karen R: The fantastic thing and why I love working in the technology sector is the need for constant innovation based on customer demands.  I think we will see the continuation of Financial savings to the average SMB through technology and automation.  This will continue to deliver increases in productivity and the lowering of costs through Cloud Technology’s that are optimized for their business. The automation element will grow to be even more powerful when machine-learning and AI extend to impact software functionality.

Hannah U: The IT sector is forever changing, day by day, week by week to meet demand. Technology is continuously evolving and here at Corbel we are always striving to be on top of our game to meet the demands of our customers. Cloud based technology is developing fast, and I feel within the next 5 years this will only develop further, with a lot more advances from the big players such as Microsoft.

Karen H: The sector is ever evolving and it’s quite scary how far things have come and changed over the past 5 years, let alone where it’s heading in the next.  I think Serverless architects will be on the forefront, with so much already moving to the cloud it’s only time, I also think that the next five years will see IoT as a successful reality, 5G will be abundant, automation will be plentiful in even more daily process at work and in life and who knows, flying cars and driverless cars may just be a reality.


  1. Being a male dominated industry, what could you say to other women about working at Corbel?

Karen R:  Fantastic environment to work in with a massive sense of team as to what can be achieved.  Some great opportunities to progress your career based on your skills and mindset – the world is your oyster!.

Hannah U: Corbel is a great place to work, such a supportive, nurturing environment where you really feel appreciated for the job you do and you know everyone has got your back.

Karen H: I’d say to other women that working at Corbel is rewarding and inspiring, there is a great sense of team comradery within the company.


  1. What advice would you give your younger self?

Karen R: Don’t beat yourself up about the things that go wrong, learn from them and move on.  Focus on what you have achieved and want to achieve in the future and believe in yourself.

Hannah U: Don’t beat yourself up for things that may not go the way you expect, learn from them and move forward – it’ll only make you stronger!

Karen H: Advice I would give my younger self would be; stop comparing yourself to others, act on what is important, learn from your mistakes as it will make you smarter, wiser and stronger, always speak your mind (in the right fashion!) and  stop worrying about what might happen, dream more, worry less and enjoy everyday as it goes to fast.


If you are interested in a career at Corbel or finding out some further information contact careers@corbel.co.uk