The Hidden Cost of Disaster

The Corbel Blog

Computing systems are responsible for some of the most critical business operations, so any risk of disaster poses an unimaginable threat.

It is difficult to quantify the costs of disaster as there are so many factors that can be impacted, including ones that aren’t so obvious from the outset.


The tolerance for downtime has decreased dramatically since the reliance on computer systems for business so, when disaster strikes, the large amount of time you can lose is detrimental. The loss of productivity while your IT systems are down, and the time it will take you to catch up after recovery, will cost you business.


An IT disaster can have a direct effect on clients, especially if it involves losing their personal data. While in some cases, some people may be quite understanding, others may lose faith and decide to use another company’s services. Negative feedback can dramatically impact your business’ reputation and it may take longer to recover from this than it does to recover your computer system.


If you have not implemented a disaster recovery solution, the lack of business continuity will cost you, on top of the people you will have to hire to get the system up and running again. Preparation is key, so if you do not have a plan in place, you will lose time and resources which can dramatically increase costs.

Disaster Recovery plans can help you feel safe and secure in the fact that if disaster strikes, your business will be able to bounce back quickly and efficiently. At Corbel, we have a solution that will benefit you, saving you the cost of any disaster in the future. Click here for more information!