Increase in Openreach scam calls

The Corbel Blog

Phone scams like this have been around for a while, but since the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that afftected many countries across the world, scammers have stepped up their efforts to take advantage of the confusion.

It appears that there are some scam calls being made to businesses (and possibly consumers) which appear to originate from a call centre abroad. The caller suggests that they are from BT Openreach and have seen lots of errors on the users broadband connection. They go on to advise that you should open a “share” session to allow them to take control of your machine. Under no circumstances must you do this as this will leave the scammers open to be able to infect your machine with a virus (or ransomware) or even steal data from your systems.

We have been advised by BT employees that there has been a significant escalation in this type of scamming activity over the past few days since the WannaCry attack, so we would advise people to be vigilant and not share access to your systems under such circumstances.