Introducing Sam Harrison, our New Account Manager

The Corbel Blog

A warm welcome to Sam Harrison, our new Account Manager. Sam will be working closely with clients to support their IT Projects. We’re excited Sam’s joined our team and look forward to offering our clients even more strength through support.

Since graduating from the University of Worcester with a degree in Business, Management and Accounting in May, I have worked within the IT and shipping industries, in both Marketing and Sales roles. Building trusted relationships with customers is essential.

During my studies at University, I realised the importance of digital marketing and sales techniques, specifically social media, and the way in which they can be used to build relationships with both existing and prospective customers. I took this with me into my role as an Inside Sales Assistant, where I was able to give customers more information on products and services over a social platform, whilst also working with them in person.

Working as an Account Manager at Corbel, I have seen how important the relationship with their customers is. This is backed up with a wealth of experience from our support team, who are able to help at any given moment. The main function of my role is to work with existing accounts and help assist with IT projects. This is done by offering the best solutions for their business, through our bespoke hardware, software and support contracts, ensuring they have everything they need to run their business more efficiently.

The personal approach and friendly characters we have at Corbel is one of the key factors that separates us from the rest of the competition. In my role I will demonstrate that Corbel is able to provide a more personal and bespoke solution across telephony, connectivity, cloud, hardware, support, firewalls, server replication, disaster recovery and any of our other service propositions.

I am especially looking forward to the introduction of Microsoft Azure and Multifunctional Printers to our services portfolio. These products are able to provide businesses with more functionality and flexibility.

Through introducing Microsoft Azure and the Cloud to a business, companies are able to have access to their business servers and information from anywhere in the world. This flexibility means that should their internal servers fail, they will still be able to access all of their information online.

The introduction of Multifunctional Printers into our portfolio means that we are able to provide businesses one piece of hardware, reducing the need for separate printers, scanners, photo copiers and in the long term save the business money.

During my free time I enjoy playing rugby for Stowmarket RUFC, cricket for Stowmarket CC, socialising at the local pub and playing the occasional round of golf