Is the Cloud Secure?

The Corbel Blog

As data security becomes an increasing concern, it is understandable that businesses are questioning how secure the Cloud is.

By understanding how the Cloud works and stores data, companies will be able to enjoy the multitude of benefits that it has to offer with the added reassurance that their data is safe.

How Do Cloud Providers Store Data Securely?

When data is stored in the Cloud, it is stored in secure datacentres. These datacentres are structured by skilled operatives who are experts in this specific field and are most likely to surpass your IT engineers’ knowledge. Datacentres have more resources than your current setup and have usually invested a large amount of money in security strategies to make it one of the most secure environments.

Your data is held in a secure environment using best practice security measures suitable for an Enterprise environment. These hosts will also offer to apply a number of security strategies, such as two-factor authentication, patching, anti-virus and 24/7 monitoring ,which will add even more protection.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Provider?

The key to finding the best Cloud provider for your business is to ensure that they completely understand what your business does and what your requirements are. If you find a Cloud provider that also has a good reputation and recognised security standards certification, then you are guaranteed to feel safe and secure.

At Corbel, we offer a variety of  cloud computing and business hosting services for businesses to choose from, and employ an honest approach when it comes to advising them which option would best. Our data centre incorporates a variety of rigorous security measures; if you would like to discuss your requirements for the Cloud with one of our experts, contact us today.