Managed Backup and Recovery

A fully-managed backup service solution that provides a physical hardware backup appliance, as well as backup storage in a secure cloud environment. Daily backups are performed efficiently to deliver you peace of mind

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How can Corbel assist me with a business backup strategy?

Backup is a fundamental part of any IT infrastructure. Its primary purpose is to enable the recovery of data that has been corrupted, accidentally deleted or is inaccessible.

Backups are either performed on-premise or use a managed backup solution which can be a mixture of on-premise and off-site for better safety and business continuity.

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Find out more about why testing is an important part of your backup strategy and how you can incorporate a testing procedure in your backup plan.

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    “As part of continual commitment to staff and drivers, Maritime Transport are in the process of rolling out Ruckus Wi-Fi solutions to key transport depots across the UK.”

    “In addition to this new Wi-Fi technology, the performance of key business networked applications has remained consistent through the quality of service settings. This added benefit of the availability of Wi-Fi across our sites, allows drivers to keep in contact with friends and family, browse the internet, view movies and listen to music when parked up overnight.”

    “Corbel provided a comprehensive consultative approach, alongside project management to ensure the smooth delivery of this project.”

    Derek Keeble – Director of IT & HR, Maritime Transport

    Did You Know?

    35 % of SME's have a backup plan
    98 % of companies can't go more than 1 day without critical data
    22 % of hard drives won't last four years
    25 % of businesses don't recover a major disaster
    77 % of companies testing their tape backups report that they have failures
    34 % of companies test their tape backups

    Software-based solutions

    As well as Business Recovery, our state-of-the-art managed backup and recovery solution, we can also offer a number of high-quality software solutions to help you backup your critical business data. Corbel has aligned itself with the following ‘tier-one’ software vendors and is able to offer a comprehensive range of backup solutions to our clients:

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    It doesn’t end with backups…

    There have been numerous reports and surveys over the years stating that while companies might be taking regular backups of their data, these backup sets are often unverified or untested. When backups are tested, a high proportion of them are often found to be unsuitable for an actual restore if needed.

    Testing of backups shouldn’t be underestimated, it’s important to know that your backups can be relied upon in time of need, that people know how to restore from backups and that you can recover your business in a reasonable time – minimising downtime and loss of turnover.

    The last place you want to test a backup is when you’re trying to recover from it. Any program can run into issues – even the best backup software. While every backup might seem to go off without a hitch, there’s no way to be certain its a usable set without testing.

    Remember: Without a test, a backup is essentially useless. You’ll only know it works when you try it.