Corbel Business Recovery.

Managed backup and disaster recovery. Protect your business with a one-stop solution.

Here at Corbel we offer a hybrid hardware/cloud solution based around the best components to deliver a multi-tiered solution, protecting you from both big and small disasters. A powerful solution that is also scalable and able to grow as your business and data needs expand and evolve.

What is Business Recovery?

Business Recovery is a fully-managed back-up service solution that includes localised BDR (Backup/Disaster Recovery) hardware covering your Windows environment (servers, workstations and laptops). The BDR appliance allows you to restore quickly an individual file or folder, or boot up a server on the localised infrastructure if required. As part of the service we also provide you with daily confirmation that your backup has been verified and that servers are able to boot-up.

Additionally, servers are synchronised with a secure cloud solution using your chosen recovery points throughout the day, week or month. The cloud solution includes 30 days up-time per server, per year. If you should have a disaster and be running your environment from the cloud solution, hourly snapshots would be taken throughout this period to protect you further.

Should you experience a server failure, or be unable to access your own facilities for whatever reasons, we can keep your business running with our Disaster Recovery and Workplace Recovery Services. Our Business Recovery service also includes a minimum of two seats at one of our disaster recovery suites.

It is essential to keep your data and applications safe no matter what. Our service delivers a predictable monthly pricing model delivering complete peace of mind from more common disasters to a complete site wide disaster.

What are the benefits of Corbel Business Recovery?

Hybrid solution.

Business Recovery is a hybrid solution – a mixture of a physical hardware backup appliance and also backup storage in a secure cloud environment.

The hardware appliance is on premise and primarily performs regular local backups and restores when required. The hardware appliance also uploads a snapshot at regular intervals to a secure storage area in the cloud.

We also utilise secure cloud storage for aged snapshots where speed of recovery isn’t typically so critical. This is where uploads from the hardware appliance are stored for long-term archiving.

This hybrid arrangement has the advantage that there’s no single point of failure because the backup snapshots are safely stored across both a hardware device which it on premise and also secure in the cloud.

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Fast backups. Local and cloud.

No matter the amount of data involved, periodic backups of your critical data are performed quickly and reliably using the hardware appliance. Sitting on your local network, the appliance can perform backup routines quickly and without having adverse effects on your network resources or interrupting the workload of users.

The appliance also performs periodic uploading of snapshots and packet data to the cloud by the on-site backup appliance, making for fast cloud updates and low utilisation of network resources.

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Virtual infrastructure.

In the event that you experience a problem with your current server infrastructure, Business Recovery gives you the ability to spin up virtual machines or physical servers inside the local hardware appliance, allowing you to continue working while the issues are resolved. This means less downtime for users and gives your IT staff more time to fix issues comprehensively rather than applying fixes that may not last as long due to time constraints.

Should your network infrastructure fail taking down your servers and the hardware appliance, Business Recovery provides the ability to spin up your critical servers in the cloud so you can continue to operate from another physical site or allow users to work from home until the issues with your business premises are resolved.

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Quick restores.

Should you need to restore data due to situations such as human error or data corruption, the Business Recovery hardware appliance is able to help you quickly restore files and folders easily. Being on your local network has the added advantage of being quick, readily accessible and limits the network resources required to perform a restore.

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Backup checks and sandbox testing.

Testing and verifying backups is as critical as creating them in the first place. Making backups is futile if they are unsuitable for a restore if needed.
Business Recovery includes daily confirmation that your back-up has been verified and that servers are able to boot-up should you require a restore. As this is all performed by your on premise hardware appliance, it will be scheduled around your day-to-day back-up routines and servers will be tested by the backup appliance.
We will schedule regular sessions with you where we will boot up your servers in a sandbox environment to deliver you complete piece of mind in the integrity of your backup sets.

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Workplace seats.

Our Business Recovery service also includes a minimum of two seats at one of our workplace recovery facilities. Should your physical offices become untenable and you need to invoke your disaster recovery plan, you can relocate critical systems to one of our disaster recovery suites and that will enable your staff to continue to work – either by utilising seats at the facility or by working remotely and connecting to the virtual infrastructure that we will bring up for you as part of the service.
We will also arrange an annual test session where you can perform a trial run of your invocation plan and use your workplace seats to ensure that in the event of a genuine invocation your systems would be working reliably to allow you to continue business as usual.

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Data/voice re-routing.

As well as providing seats at one of our disaster recovery suites, we can also re-route your data and digital voice connectivity so it runs via our suites. This would allow you to take voice calls as you would from your traditional premises should they become untenable, all adding to the feeling of business as usual from your clients perspective. This facility is also included as part of the annual test mentioned above.

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All-in-one solution.

Our Business Recovery service is a one-stop solution for ensuring the safety and reliability of your critical data with the additional benefit of the ability to work from remote premises should an unscheduled event befall your business premises. This solution is also ideal for helping protect your business against the increasingly popular outbreaks of cyber attacks like ransomware, enabling your data to be recovered before the stage that it became encrypted.

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Predictable monthly costs.

Our Business Recovery service is billed on a monthly basis helping have better control over current costs and help to forecast costs into the future. This subscription-style pricing model has the additional benefit of providing you with a much clearer picture without putting an initial strain on financial resources.

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What happens when disaster strikes and the business experiences server failure(s)?

In the event of a disaster that renders your IT infrastructure inoperable, you can boot up your highest priority VM images using the Corbel managed physical backup/recovery appliance so your business can continue to operate.

What happens when disaster strikes our physical premises?

If you suffer such a severe event that your physical premises is damaged to the point that your business cannot continue to function on-site, then you can relocate to a Corbel disaster recovery site and use the seats that are part of your plan to boot up as many VM’s as you require in the secure storage cloud and then perform your usual business operations from the DR site.