Mitel announces new 6900 series business telephones

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Mitel has announced their new MiVoice 6900 Series of ‘Mobile First’ IP Phones. The 6920, 6930 and 6940 IP Phones deliver all the same core features that are available on the current 5300 IP Phone family, but with powerful new enhancements. A new premium look and feel with sleek modern styling, MobileLink mobile integration support, exceptional HD Audio, and end-user installable accessories are just some of the exciting new features of the MiVoice 6900 Series IP Phones.


The MiVoice 6900 Series offers advanced integration with mobile phone calling and applications.  Mitel’s MobileLink capability enables the user’s mobile phone to pair directly with the 6900’s Bluetooth interface to deliver access to mobile phone features from the desk phone.  This technology allows both cellular calls and IP calls to be managed from a single device. MobileLink allows mobile phone users to leverage the exceptional HD audio and comfortable ergonomics of the 6900 series phones for both IP and cellphone calls. The 6900 phones deliver crystal clear audio through a unique corded or cordless voice optimised handset and high performance hands-free speakerphone. Unparalleled flexibility is achieved through a broad range of add-on user installable accessories that enable the phones to be tailored to specific user needs. The MiVoice 6900 family provides the flexibility and capability needed to meet the demanding needs of today’s users.

The MiVoice 6900 Series IP Phones and accessories build on the remarkable success of the 5300 Series IP Phones with a new platform that couples sleek, modern styling with truly remarkable audio quality, and an array of new features such as USB connectivity, Bluetooth 4.1 support and an integrated EHS/DHSG headset port. The colour enhanced Graphical User Interface leverages crisp, high resolution colour displays to provide easy and intuitive access to a robust array of applications such as MobileLink, Picture ID, contact avatars, searchable contacts – Mobile, MiVB Corporate, LDAP Corporate, Personal – and Call History, as well as access to the same rich MiVoice Business features as delivered on the 5300 Series IP phones.

The MiVoice 6900 Series IP Phone’s MobileLink mobile device integration seamlessly marries mobile phone call audio and contact information with the desktop phone. Calls to the mobile phone can be answered on the 6900 phone just like any other call leveraging the superior audio performance and ergonomics of the 6900 phone.  Mobile Phone contacts can be synchronised with the 6900 Series IP Phones allowing access to the same contacts on either device.  A powered USB port suitable for charging a mobile phone is also built into the 6930 and 6940 phone models.

MobileLink is available as a standard feature of the 6930 and 6940 and is available on the 6920 with the purchase of an optional Mitel USB Bluetooth Adapter.

Featuring Mitel’s high definition Hi-Q audio technology to deliver exceptional voice clarity.  The MiVoice 6900 Series handset provides voice optimised audio that delivers clearly discernible speech in all types of environments from the office cubical to the shop floor. An optional cordless version of this innovative handset is also available for the 6930 and comes standard on the 6940.  The 6900 Series IP Phones feature an enhanced HD full-duplex speakerphone with a sealed acoustic chamber enabling superb audio performance.  Users will appreciate the premium audio experience delivered by the MiVoice 6900 Series IP Phones.

The MiVoice 6900 Series IP Phones build on the popularity of the accessories provided with the 5300 Series IP Phones. The 6900’s improve on the 5300 accessories by delivering accessories that are end-user installable. For example, adding an optional cordless handset to the 6930 IP Phone is as simple as unplugging the corded handset that ships with the phone then pairing the cordless handset and placing it in the cradle. There’s nothing else to do because the charging contacts for the cordless handset come standard with the 6900 phone. A wider array of accessories are planned for the 6900 series compared to the 5300 series allowing the new series of phones to offer unparalleled flexibility through the addition of accessories to meet individual user needs. The 6900 IP Phones can be easily enhanced with the addition of the following accessories:

Bluetooth Cordless handset for the 6930 model (comes standard with the 6940 model)
WLAN Adapter (supported on all phone portfolios – 6900, 6800, 5300 – and models)
M695 Colour Programmable Key Module (supported on all 6900 models)
Wall Mount Kit (supported on all phone models)

New accessories will be introduced in further Mitel announcements.

The new Mitel 6920, 6930 and 6940 IP Phones should be available from 14th November 2016, along with their accessories.