Myths of Cloud Computing

The Corbel Blog

Cloud computing is everywhere nowadays and, as popular as it is, there are still many misconceptions that surround this advanced technology.

Before you decide the next move for your business infrastructure, make sure you are aware of the truth about the cloud.

MYTH Cloud Computing is Expensive

TRUTH Cloud computing is extremely cost-efficient because you only pay for the computing power and features that you require. The cloud will scale to your needs in regards to the amount of data you store, the number of applications you use, the number of users you want and your backup needs. As well as this, security and support is usually included in the price too.

MYTH Cloud Computing is Less Secure

TRUTH Cloud computing is no less secure than the traditional on-premise IT solutions.The risks are the same, but with the cloud you are able to share the security responsibility with your cloud provider. The majority of cloud packages include multiple security tools and advanced backup options which will keep you and your data protected.

MYTH Cloud Computing Eradicates Jobs

TRUTH Cloud computing does not eradicate jobs, it actually creates them. Even though some processes can be automated, cloud-savvy experts are still required in order to maintain and manage the tools involved. People with knowledge of the cloud are always needed on hand in case any problems arise too.

MYTH Cloud Migration is Difficult

TRUTH Cloud migration is not always easy, especially with outdated servers, but there is a lot of help and assistance available. Most cloud providers will offer a helping hand which means you will experience as little downtime as possible. Alternatively, there is also support available online which can assist you. 

Hopefully this information has cleared a few things up for you, so you can feel confident in making the decision to move to a cloud infrastructure. If you’re still unsure where to start or what package would be right for your business, get in contact with us today: fill in our enquiry form here or call on 01473 241515.