New year, new IT Support provider!

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A new year is a great opportunity to make a change. You start January with a newfound energy and determination to make this year more successful than the last. One thing you know you must improve is your IT support. But what are you looking for? And how could it be better?

Here at Corbel, East Anglias leading IT support experts, we pride ourselves on knowing what you need to look for when choosing a new IT support provider.

Top Ten must haves:

1. Proactive

You want your IT support to be there for you. You need your IT support to recognise and resolve any issues in your system before they are detrimental to your company. At Corbel being proactive is what makes us distinct. Our remote management software allows us to log tickets before our customers are even aware of an issue, meaning your business is always working, always protected.

2. Strategy

Business is an ever evolving industry and more so is technology. Here at Corbel we know business needs to adapt and change and as specialists in our field we can advise and support you on the IT that will enable and improve your processes- supporting your business efficiency and growth.

3. Attitude to customer services

There is nothing worse than needing to speak to someone with an issue and spending the first half of the call explaining who you are. At Corbel we know how frustrating this is. That is why every client has their own personal account manager who will proactively manage your relationship. Friendly and knowledgeable, your account manager can be relied upon to assist your needs swiftly.

4. Robust team

You don’t have the time to think about IT all day but we do! And that means our team is best placed to know how they can make it work better for our clients. Our friendly IT team know what they are talking about. We continually invest in our employees and make sure they are fully trained and accredited on the most recent technologies we support. Meaning your company has the most up to the date experts on hand when you need.

5. Reputation

It goes without saying that we all value reassurance before making any big changes in our lives or business. At Corbel we have been in the business a long time and we know the importance of reputation. The best reassurance you can get comes from recommendations, and having worked with a diverse range of high profile companies you can be certain through their testimonials that Corbel is the right choice for your IT support.

6. Highest standards of security

Being secure matters. More so in this day and age where 66% of all SME’s have experienced some type of cyber attack in the last year. We can manage and advise you on your infrastructure to ensure you are as secure as possible through a layered approach. Corbel can even help you become Cyber Essentials accredited to demonstrate your levels of security to the outside world.  So you can trust in the fact that your business is safe.

7. Regular maintenance

It’s a bit like servicing a car to ensure optimum performance and reliability.  Your IT infrastructure also requires regular maintenance through patching of your infrastructure to ensure you are as secure as possible. At Corbel we do this by regular checking of event logs and Anti-Virus deployment –  as well as ensuring regular testing on your backups and disaster recovery plans so that if the worse were to happen your business can weather any storm.

 8. Renewable elements

With all of the essentials we have to juggle in business,  it is sometimes hard to keep a grip of those items that just do not last forever. At Corbel one of our roles is to take that concern away from you. We keep abreast of all the renewable elements in your system and advise you well in advance of the renewal so there is never any disruption to your service.

 9. Lifecycle

Not only can we guide you on your renewable elements, but we also regularly advise you at face to face account meetings on managing the lifecycle of your infrastructure. This means you are fully aware, in advance, of when your items are coming to the end of their life- a key piece of knowledge for your own budgeting and strategy purposes.

 10. Up to the minute technology

 It is important that your IT function evolves to take advantage of new technologies that will enable efficiencies within your business processes and in turn make you even more competitive.  At Corbel we have been shortlisted for awards for our Innovation within the industry and we are always working to understand your business plan and keep you fully abreast of advancements that your business could take advantage of.


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