New Year, start healthy!

The Corbel Blog

We all know the age-old saying of ‘new year, new you’. In fact, as we move into the second working week of January – you’ve probably heard it said hundreds of times already.

Everyone in the office is eating salad and joining a new gym, promising to read more or giving up booze. Realistically, many of these resolutions will be broken throughout the year (let’s be honest, most already have been). But, while the concept seems increasingly pointless, there’s no denying the desire January gives you for a fresh start.

The downtime you have between the madness of Christmas and that first week back to work offers time for reflection and for setting goals for the year ahead. The rest of January is your opportunity to use that renewed vigour and act.

As people, our resolutions tend to focus around changing something about how we look or improving our health, yet in business we often bypass health to focus our aspirations on building our client base or developing our staff expertise- we don’t often sit back and reflect on our infrastructure and how it performed in the previous year.

We live in an everchanging world whereby constantly evolving technology continues to be at the centre. Barely a minute goes by in our day to day working lives where we don’t rely on technology to fuel our livelihoods. Yet we very rarely stop to consider how healthy our systems are. Here at Corbel we can provide you with a free no obligation IT Health Check to give you a real insight into your IT system so you can start the year knowing the strengths and weaknesses you have in your connectivity, hardware, security, disaster recovery planning and backup and what you can do to make sure 2019 is the year your business flourishes.

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