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A tech team that’s part of the family

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I still vividly remember 13 year old me strolling into my first computer club, the continuous whir of the BBC basic echoing around the room, alongside the tapping of the keys as we excitedly got to work. I can’t quite put into words the sheer elation I felt when we used binary code and I managed to create a dancing man on my screen!

To be honest it was probably from this point that technology had me hooked! From then on, I have loved how technology comes up with solutions, how it’s needed across all industries, and how it continually evolves and adapts with the ultimate goal of improving what we all do.

At aged 16, as part of the YTS scheme, I walked into a start up company that was developing software in a language called Powerhouse, not only did I feel incredibly ‘rich’ with my £27.50 weekly wage, but it also instilled a real passion for the exciting possibilities of IT in the business world.

Our story began back in 1998 with an idea and a desire to support local companies with their IT requirements, we soon realised it wasn’t just about support, IT is critical to each businesses ability to triumph.

At our core, we are a small team that truly care. We have taken our business through an exciting transition, always focusing on what our customers really want from their IT, engaging with them to make the process and outcomes a success. Our service is award winning on both a local and a national level and we offer all our clients a dedicated account manager so that we can offer exceptional levels of service and value for money.

In 2020 Team Corbel moved into our fabulous new, purpose built Head Office. We are constantly adding to our solution portfolio to make sure we can meet the needs of this fast paced world we all live in – but at the same time communicate in a simple, straightforward way with a focus on overcoming your business challenges.

Having worked in the business myself for over thirty years, I’m so proud of the passion and dedication of our team. Through a number of roles, my breadth of experience has grown and the heart of Corbel has always been putting people first. I love what I do and I’m so excited to be heading up our next chapter and the possibilities for innovation that are out there for the small to medium business sector.

Karen Rogers Corbels MD

“The real difference Corbel can make as one of your strategic partners comes from our people. Quite simply we care about our customers and the service levels we deliver, and we are always striving to be the very best we can be.”


Our Values


At the heart of everything we do, from our colleagues to our clients, it’s the faces behind the tech that truly counts.


A team you can trust to be there for you, to communicate clearly with clarity and care to achieve success.


Partnering with the very best, guaranteeing the highest standard of staff, alongside the latest accreditations including ISO 27001 to ensure your business is protected and secure.


Constantly evolving, learning and adapting to exploit the latest technological advances to support your business vision.

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