Protect your business from ransomware ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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The Cyber Weekend including Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a busy time for shoppers and even more frantic for retailers. This year has been a memorable one in terms of cyber attacks, both in terms of the increase in their frequency and their sophistication.

As well as shoppers scouring the web for the best deals and businesses working hard to peddle their most attractive offers without lowering their quality of service, cyber criminals also see this time of year as an ideal opportunity to make a lot of money causing a great deal of misery during the festive period. Spending online over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period in 2017 is set to reach over £3 billion according to Forbes. Dot.vu have stated that Black Friday is now the biggest holiday shopping day in Europe.

With the increase in traffic, transactions and information flow, businesses need to make sure more than ever that they’re doing their best to maximise their security and protection action cyber attacks such as ransomware. Attacks like ransomware will continue to decimate businesses if their defences are not securely in place, the loss of turnover at such a busy time also being critical to the survival of a business.

There is no definitive solution to ransomware, there’s no magic wand or silver bullet. The best protection is to make sure you have all your layers of security in place and an adequate backup plan, covered by a disaster recovery procedure should your business require it. These things won’t stop necessarily prevent a ransomware attack, but they will allow you to minimise any damage and for the business to recover and continue to trade whilst the affected systems and data is repaired or replaced. These plans should be prepared and tested at least once a year to ensure that systems and staff are working correctly and know what’s expected should a disaster or attack occur.

Backups should be the foundation of any disaster recovery plan and they must be able to be restored quickly and easily should the need arise. The more efficient this process is then the less downtime a business will suffer and the faster it can continue to trade and recover. Another important aspect of backups is that they must be tested regularly and this must also be part of the general backup plan. A backup is no use if it’s full of errors or corrupt when you come to restore from it. Backups should be taken regularly, minimising the load on the network to reduce the impact on the day-to-day running of the business, ideally archiving older backups into some form of cloud-based backup storage. This hybrid backup solution helps reduce the effects caused by attacks such as ransomware by moving critical data offsite and away from the affected business.

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