Ruckus Wireless announces Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi in the UK

The Corbel Blog

Today, using the IPExpo show in London as a platform, Ruckus Wireless (now part of Brocade) announced the general availability of Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi in the UK. The service was announced in the United States at the end of July 2016 and has now expanded to the United Kingdom.

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is effectively wireless local area network (WLAN) management-as-a-service offer powered by the new Ruckus public cloud platform. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi enables distributed organisations with limited IT resources to set up, monitor and manage a high-performance multi-site WLAN of any size. Featuring an intuitive, intent-driven user interface for managing some of the industry’s highest performing access points (APs), network managers can benefit from cloud simplicity without having to compromise on Wi-Fi performance.

With the introduction of Cloud Wi-Fi, Ruckus Wireless now offers the industry’s broadest range of deployment options – public cloud, datacentre or private cloud, hardware or virtual appliance, and controller-less—making it a leader in WLAN architectural flexibility. In the future, the company plans to introduce Ruckus Cloud support for in-building LTE service and Brocade ICX switches, delivering an integrated platform simplifying the configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of both wired and wireless networks.



The main benefits and feature of Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi include:

  • Best-in-class Wi-Fi performance: Cloud Wi-Fi customers use the same industry-leading APs that consistently outperform competing products in third-party testing. With the ability to excel in challenging user density, interference and physical environments, customers can use fewer APs than competing vendors would require. Alternatively, customers can use the same number of APs to build a network that easily accommodates the growing requirements for years to come.
  • Intent-driven user interface (UI): The Cloud Wi-Fi UI is designed to display only the data the user needs to accomplish a task and the system automates tasks whenever possible. This intuitive approach enables IT to spend less time managing and status-checking the WLAN without the need for technical training or certifications.
  • An intuitive, full-featured mobile app: The Cloud Wi-Fi mobile app allows IT managers to carry the network with them wherever they are, get notified whenever the network needs attention and make instant changes right from their pocket.
  • Cloud-scale: The cloud-scale nature of the Ruckus Cloud platform allows Cloud Wi-Fi customers to add APs and sites at will, with no more effort required to add the thousandth AP or the hundredth site than the first of either. Such scaling comes with no increase in management complexity and a single user interface provides visibility to the entire network, no matter how large or distributed it may be.
  • Analytics and reporting: The big data warehouse within the Ruckus Cloud infrastructure allows for highly granular reporting of up to six months of KPIs, ranging from low-level per-radio airtime utilisation to layer-7 application visibility.
    AP investment protection: APs used in a Cloud Wi-Fi deployment can be reused in any of Ruckus’ other deployment options, should circumstances demand.


At the current time Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is using the company’s US datacenter but there are plans to have a datacenter facility available in the UK by early 2017. This follows the pattern of other IT companies in recent months, like Microsoft, who have been opening datacenter facilities in the UK for their customers.

If you’d like to find our more about Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi or other Ruckus solutions then call our network team on 01473 241515 or use our contact form.