Second major Windows 10 update due in late 2017

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Windows 10 due to get second update in 2017 after Creators Update.


Microsoft’s next update for Windows 10, the Creators Update, is common knowledge these days and is due to be released in the coming months. During Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Australia recently, Microsoft also confirmed that they have a second major update planned for Windows 10 in 2017. Detailed content as yet is very sketchy and unconfirmed.

The Redmond company displayed a slide during the conference that gave a rough timeline for Windows 10 developments. If the update is released at the end of 2017 then it’s unlikely it will be in major use by the business community until at least early 2018.


Microsoft Windows 10 release schedule slide from Ignite Australia 2017


Predictions for the next Windows 10 update after the Creators Update are unfounded but speculation is currently revolving around the People Bar and a new interface based around Project Neon. As more details are confirmed in the run up to the release we’ll keep you updated.