How secure is your network and devices?

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Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business provides protection with a centrally managed system to help safeguard your information and keep your business secure.

Available in four progressive tiers, you can decide the level of protection that meets your current needs, and if at a later date your requirements change you can simply add new functionality.

Tier 1: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Core

Core offers superior anti-malware protection against malicious software and viruses, it also includes a firewall to protect your business from unauthorised external connections. Both modules are easily managed from a Centralised Management Console.

Tier 2: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Select

Select includes the Core module from Tier 1 but also contains mobile device management (MDM) and endpoint control tools. MDM helps you deploy, manage and protect smartphones and tablets, including employee owned devices.
The Web, Device and Application Control allows you to control internet access, use of external ‘plug-in’ devices such as USBs, and even restricts software applications to only those you’ve approved. Dynamic Whitelisting adds an extra layer of protection and ensures that only genuine and trustworthy applications are installed. Again, this functionality is easily managed from the Centralised Management Console.

Tier 3: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Advanced

Total offers, all functionality from Tier 1 and Tier 2 but also comprises of encryption cover, this takes your protection levels one step further by rendering your information ‘useless’ if it falls into the wrong hands.

In addition the Systems Management tools will help you manage your IT setup without added complexity. It includes IT performance tools such as patch management, hardware and software inventories, and OS and application provisioning, all of which can be easily managed and administered from the Centralised Management Console.

Tier 4: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Total

Total Security is the highest level of protection and includes all modules from Tier 1 through to Tier 3 but with the addition of mail, web gateway and SharePoint collaboration server protection to ensure your entire IT environment is safeguarded from the cyber threats of the outside world.

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