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Backup is a fundamental part of any IT infrastructure. Its primary purpose is to enable the recovery of data that has been corrupted, accidentally deleted or is inaccessible. Backups are either performed on-premise or use a managed backup solution which can be a mixture of on-premise and off-site for better safety and business continuity.



There are four different types of backup available -Disk to Tape, Disk to Disk, Remote and Cloud. More information available below, :

Disk to Tape (D2T)

Tape backup solutions were commonplace 10-20 years ago due to its simplicity and ease of use and affordability compared to disk-based solutions. Tape use is now less common due to restrictions in speed and capacity.

Disk to Disk (D2D)

D2D backup is now a lot more common, as it is faster for both backup and recovery. The various options include removal storage (e.g. RDX units) and network attached storage (e.g. iSCSI). D2D backup is often combined with tape backup: the D2D backup can be completed in a small time window and the tape backup within normal working hours.

Remote Site

Remote backups involve copying the data to a physically different location that has suitable backup hardware installed and configured. This has a number of advantages including allowing your data to be less affected by a local problem at your main site. Remote sites can also be utilised as part of your Business Continuity Plan to allow your data to be used at a Disaster Recovery site when an incident disables your primary site and you need a temporary base of operations to continue working.


Cloud backups, like remote site solutions, also mean your data is backed up and located off-site – remaining unaffected by local problems. Another advantage is that the data can be continuously replicated between sites using functionality such as snapshots; this allows the recovery of earlier data versions as opposed to reverting to the latest backup, which in many cases would be the previous day. Cloud backups can be accessed from anywhere with suitable connectivity and hybrid cloud solutions provide premium levels of redundancy and performance.


There are several software vendors available who can provide applications to perform these tasks in a number of different ways, depending upon client requirements. Corbel has aligned itself with the following ‘tier-one’ software vendors and is able to offer a comprehensive range of backup solutions to our clients, including managed off-site data replication to Corbel servers (Corbel Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solution):


Please contact us to discuss your data backup requirements or call us on 01473 241515.

Clients that gained from this service include:

Alistair Keeble Solicitors
China Shipping (UK)
Factair Limited
St Joseph’s College
Thompson & Morgan
Watson & Hillhouse
UX Online
Orwell Mencap
Suffolk Archaeology
Ryan Insurance

Some business facts…


of SME's have a backup plan


of hard drives won't last four years


of companies test their tape backups


of companies testing their tape backups report failures

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