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img-backup-red-75x75Corbel Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

There are many different backup and disaster recovery solutions available, offering a variety of benefits and utilising a wide range of platforms.

The Solution

Here at Corbel we offer a hybrid solution based around the best components to deliver a multi-tiered solution, protecting you from both big and small disasters. A powerful solution that is also scalable and able to grow as your business and data needs expand and evolve. Here are some of the benefits choosing a Corbel Managed Backup solution can bring to your business:

  • A hybrid solution – a mixture of physical device and cloud backup
  • Ability to spin up entire infrastructure in the cloud
  • Fast local backups with low resource utilisation on local systems and servers
  • Periodic uploading of snapshots and packet data to the cloud by the on-site backup appliance, making for fast cloud updates and low utilisation of network resources
  • Quick file or folder restores whenever necessary
  • Ability to spin up VMs or physical servers utilising local backup appliance
  • Sandbox environment testing
  • Daily verification and backup checks are performed, featuring full performance reporting
  • Includes two workplace recovery seats at our local facility
  • Data and telephony can be re-routed through to one of our disaster recovery facilities in the event that your premises becomes untenable, with a yearly test included
  • Solution caters for everything from piece of mind to site-wide failure or disaster
  • Monthly expenditure allowing for planned operational costs


What happens when disaster strikes?

In the event of a disaster that renders your IT infrastructure inoperable, you can boot up your highest priority VM images using the Corbel managed physical backup/recovery appliance so your business can continue to operate.

If you suffer such a severe event that your physical premises is damaged to the point that your business cannot continue to function on-site, then you can relocate to the Corbel disaster recovery site and use the two seats that are part of your plan to boot up as many VM’s as you require in the secure storage cloud and then perform your usual business operations from the DR site.

Please contact us to discuss your specific backup and disaster recovery requirements or call us on 01473 241515.

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