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Cloud computing is quickly becoming a popular IT solution for businesses. There are two main versions of cloud technology, private and public.

Cloud technology works by utilising a network of remote servers – hosted on the internet rather than at a client’s site – to securely store, manage and process data. Important business documentation is therefore available to employees anywhere in the world, via an internet connection, rather than solely being stored on an internal server.

Primary examples of cloud usage includes services such as Office 365 and Azure, both from Microsoft. Corbel have worked extensively with both of these cloud services and we also use the Microsoft Azure platform to host our corporate websites. The video below explains the basics of Microsoft Azure and what it can offer for your business, :




A private cloud infrastructure is created and managed solely by a client or third party IT provider on their behalf. A public cloud infrastructure, on the other hand, is hosted by a service provider who makes its cloud service available to multiple clients. These services are sold based on criteria, such as data size, processor size and level of internet connectivity.

Corbel’s expertise in cloud computing has enabled clients to eliminate constraints within their traditional computing environments, allowing them to save space, power, time and costs.


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A brief outline of the cloud version of Microsoft Office, known as Office 365 can be found in the video below:


Clients that gained from this service include:

St Joseph’s College
Maritime Transport
Diana Duggan
MacIntyre Transport
Fargo Systems
Suffolk Archaeology

“Fargo Systems provide specialist software, both through on premise and hosted options to the intermodal, transport and logistics industries. Corbel were chosen as the supplier of choice for our migration project, to allow us to migrate from a Microsoft Exchange on premise solution, to the Microsoft 365 cloud offering.”
“Corbel provided an extensive consultation to understand our existing solution and to enable the migration process to be executed smoothly, with minimal disruption to our business. They were then able to provide an overview of the features that would enable our business processes further. A Corbel Project Manager guided us through the process seamlessly from beginning to end.”
“Fargo are in the process of expanding our business and the 365 model allows us to achieve this simply and cost effectively. We would highly recommend Corbel as a partner.”

– Steve Collins, General Manager
Fargo Systems

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