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Communications is a crucial aspect of any IT infrastructure, allowing voice and data information to be transferred between businesses and the internet.

With extensive knowledge and strong relationships with communication vendors such as BT, Corbel is able to design, implement and manage a communications network which effectively meets the needs of our clients.

The more common forms of data connectivity are detailed below, :


ISDN2e provides crystal clear call quality for up to eight phone lines. It is ideal for smaller offices and can be also be used to transfer big files, link Local Area Networks (LANs) and video conferencing. Read more about ISDN here.


ISDN30 and ISDN30e provide crystal clear call quality for up to 30 phone lines. They are ideal for businesses with larger requirements and can be used for connecting people in small offices or at home. Read more about ISDN here.


When you want to connect sites but keep to a budget, ADSL provides an excellent, cost-effective solution. ADSL is available almost anywhere within the UK, from more than 5,500 exchanges which cover over 99% of the country. ADSL offers good performance at a manageable level of cost.

From the exchange to the communication providers network (e.g. BT), the ADSL network is shared with other users. This means that costs are minimised but sufficient access is still provided for most data applications. Your data is kept safe in a ‘private tunnel’ so no one else can access it. For guaranteed voice quality, it’s recommended that ADSL is combined with a VPN, which can offer several classes of service. Read more about ADSL here.


Fibre connections provide much more bandwidth than an equivalent ADSL connection, allowing you to work quicker and more efficiently. It also allows you to provide a better customer experience and use technologies such as video conferencing and streaming. Read more about Fibre here.

Leased Lines

These provide more than a standard broadband or fibre line. Because the bandwidth is not being shared with others, a high level of speed is guaranteed; the high bandwidth also means multiple users can be online at the same time without effecting speed. Read more about leased lines here.


This enables numerous communication applications to be run over an IP network or internet connection; for example, VOIP allows voice calls to be made over the internet. Read more about SIP and SIP Trunking here.

More information on our range of communications solutions from BT, please visit our BT Business Solutions page.


Please contact us to discuss you communications and connectivity requirements or call us on 01473 241515.

Clients that gained from this service include:

Alistair Keeble Solicitors
China Shipping (UK)
Factair Limited
Peter Best
St Joseph’s College
Thompson & Morgan
Orwell Mencap
Suffolk Archaeology
Ryan Insurance

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