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Telephony and Connectivity is key to any business, we provide market leading services, personally tailored to meet your businesses requirements.

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Benefits to your business

  • Expertise and knowledge so you can find the most cost effective solution
  • Increased reliability to maximise your uptime
  • Agility: to allow your team to never miss a call
  • Tailored solutions to allow you to boost productivity

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Contact our team to find out if you can simplify services and reduce costs on your comms setup.

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With Telephony, Communication and IT all converging and rapidly evolving, our expert knowledge will guide you to a streamlined, affordable, and scalable service with futureproofed technology.

Cloud Telephony

Tailored communication services to help you cut costs and boost productivity.

The cloud is transforming the way we communicate in business. Locating your phone services in the cloud gives your business the feature rich benefits of your previous phone system, but with fantastic flexibility, agility and scalability to keep everyone connected in the most cost-effective way, at any location, at any time.

Our fully dedicated team unites expertise in the converging fields of telephony, communications and IT to provide you with the knowledge and tools so you can deploy resources and manage your growth.


Cloud Telephony


  • Reliable, easy to use communication
  • Work from anywhere, anytime and any place
  • Built-in intelligent reporting and analytics
  • Cost-efficient- no expensive equipment and a simple pay on subscription basis
  • Improved productivity with screen sharing, voice & video conferencing, and team messaging
  • Complete control of your call handling, set up to suit your way of working
  • Set up is quick and simple and you can keep your current phone numbers
  • Scalable and highly flexible- easy to adapt by adding and removing users to control costs much more efficiently

“BT Cloud Voice has been a great investment for Ryans insurance and has allowed us to successfully implement home working in the recent Pandemic with no disruption to our customers on our availability. From using the app to the fully functional softphone, we have been fully accessible to our clients to deliver them trusted advice in this difficult time. The implementation of our solution was fully handled by Corbel, with regular project updates along the way and the team from Corbel being on-site for our go live day to ensure a smooth transition. The solution is flexible, reliable, agile and highly recommended.”

Nicci Dedman Munro
HR manager
, Ryans

Connectivity and Internet

Having the right connectivity is a key business function in the modern workplace. We can guide you through the offerings available to meet your business needs, whether it be a Leased Line or a FTTC connection or a resilient back-up line that will auto fail over in the event of a disaster.

  • With our expertise and knowledge, you can trust us to secure the best connectivity solutions for your business.
  • A reliable connection is imperative to us all, we can work with you to ensure you have a backup solution in place- should the worst happen that is tested and that you have confidence in.
  • Our team can guide you through the process to help you understand what options are available at your local exchange that meet your requirements whether it be FTC, EFM, GEA or a Leased Line.

Whether you’re a startup seeking brand-new Business Connectivity services or are looking to improve your current systems, our experienced team will help you find the best fit.

Connectivity and Internet

Why Corbel

Communication Is Key

Our unique strength lies with our account managers guiding you through the process; keeping you informed at every stage by keeping that communication strong for a personal touch.

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Staff Top Tip

Agile working

Adapting between working from home and in the office has never been easier, and with a handy multi-functional app on your phone it means you can be fully in touch on the go as well- perfect when you are rushing between meetings.

Karen Hubbard

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