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Cyber Security

Whether your business is large or small, cyber security is more paramount than ever before.

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Benefits of Cyber Security from Corbel

  • Evaluate and mitigate your risks effectively
  • Receive expert guidance on layering your Cyber Security for business protection
  • Proactive management of your networks and data to prevent unauthorised access
  • Safeguard your business against viruses, worms, spyware, and unwanted programs
  • Empower your users through cyber threat education, making them your first line of defence

Cyber Security Training

Did you know that 95% of data breaches result from human errors? How confident are you in your team's ability to safeguard your business? Take proactive steps to protect your business and explore our cost-effective Cyber Security Awareness Training, priced at less than £2 per person, per month.

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The threat landscape is constantly changing, with dangers arising from both external and internal factors – some with malicious intentions and others stemming from human error. Corbel, based in Ipswich, delivers market leading Cyber Security services to safeguard your business against continually evolving cyber threats and potential security breaches.

Cyber Security Services

Our comprehensive range of professional Cyber Security services offer assurance, certification, and training alongside leading proactive security monitoring and management services for businesses of all sizes in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Stowmarket, Woodbridge and across Suffolk.

Cyber Security Training and Phishing Simulation

99% of cyber attacks rely on user intervention. Ensure your team stays informed about the latest threats and educate them on their role in safeguarding your business.

Penetration Testing

Offer your business the confidence required to handle and alleviate Cyber Security risks. Through secure simulations of the latest threats and cyber attacks, your understanding of security vulnerabilities will be consistently enhanced and safeguarded.

Dark Web Monitoring

Are your credentials compromised? Our service promptly notifies you with real-time threat detection, unveiling the dark web. Count on this service to safeguard your reputation, credentials, and data.

Password Manager

Enhance your business’s password security to mitigate data breaches, boost employee productivity, and ensure compliance with standards.

Multi Factor Authentication

Ensure your team’s safety with straightforward yet robust access security measures. Provide access for any user and device to any environment, from anywhere.

Cyber Security Audit

How secure is your infrastructure? Are there any vulnerabilities you might be unaware of? Our Cyber Security audit offers comprehensive coverage, not only pinpointing risks but also delivering expert advice on mitigation strategies.

Anti-Virus Solutions and Email Security

Whether safeguarding your team against unwelcome SPAM or deterring malicious content, integrating a spam solution is essential to a comprehensive security strategy. Once malware infiltrates your system, it can steal and encrypt your data, rendering it inaccessible. Our antivirus solution ensures the protection of your devices and data integrity.


A firewall safeguards your infrastructure and data by controlling network traffic and remote connections. Moreover, it acts as a barrier against unauthorised access by malicious software to your infrastructure.

Cyber Essentials Readiness Audit

Are you in need of support in acquiring Cyber Essentials certification? Our thorough audit service specialises in assessing your business’s Cyber Security measures, offering practical recommendations to aid in your Cyber Essentials accreditation.

“As Head of IT at PolicyBee- an online insurance broker- Cyber Security is a prioritised responsibility and something I take very seriously. Like our businesses continually develop, so do their cyber risks. To get expert opinion on where we stand, I reached out to Corbel, as our valued and trusted Disaster Recovery provider, to provide their guidance and support on the everchanging complexities of Cyber Security. Their impressive team carried out an extensive, on-site Cyber Security Audit to outline our current Cyber Security controls and give us the independent peace of mind that our layered security approach is following best practice guidelines. Their exceptional service and clear and concise reporting enabled us to be guided through the vital steps needed to ensure that our business is protected.”

David Pitt
Head of ICT, Policybee

FAQS- Cyber Security Services Ipswich

Cyber Security is the strategy and measures your business has in place to mitigate the risk of cyber-attack and the impact that will have on your organisation. Covering both individuals and the business collectively, your Cyber Security strategy will help protect your Ipswich business and your reputation.

Yes, Cyber Security is the responsibility of everyone, and every employee plays a vital role in an effective Cyber Security strategy. 95% of cyber-attacks rely on human intervention which hits home just how important Cyber Security training is for your team. Companies that excel in Cyber Security are the ones that embed it into their culture. Like turning the lights off at night, it should become a routine part of your daily way of life for all Suffolk businesses. When proper systems and training are in place, making secure choices becomes instinctive for everyone. 

Cyber Security is the safeguarding of technologies, processes, and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices, and data from cyber-attacks. With increasing cyber threats impacting small and medium businesses in Ipswich and Suffolk, Cyber Security is crucial in the region. 

Ultimately Cyber Security services prevent cyber-attacks and protects you against the risks from unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks, and technologies.

Making sure that your Cyber Security is safe and secure requires ongoing evaluation to ensure that your Ipswich business is a match for the everchanging sophistication of cyber criminals. A multi-layered Cyber Security approach is fundamental. This approach incorporates several different components within your IT strategy so that every aspect of your defence is backed up by another, should something go wrong.  With Cyber Security reliably preventing, detecting, and responding you are in the best position possible.

Cyber Security training is crucial to all businesses in Ipswich and across Suffolk. All the firewalls and anti-virus solutions in the world cannot protect you when an employee lets a hacker in unknowingly. With over 95% of Cyber Security breaches involving human error, it shows just how important it is to have Ipswich based employee training and awareness. Undertaking Cyber Security training with Corbel ensures a comprehensive approach, from initial benchmarking of Cyber Awareness across your full team, through to weekly training content with micro quizzes and regular phishing simulations. All of which can be reviewed within a portal so you can monitor the Employee Secure score for the whole of your team at any point. Training can lead to a 78% reduction in the likelihood of an employee falling for a phishing email, ultimately keeping your business safer and embedding a culture of Cyber Security. 

IT Support Service Areas

Our Cyber Security Service Areas

We provide Suffolk Cyber Security services including:

Bury St Edmunds

If you are looking for Cyber Security in Ipswich or anywhere across the East of England, please get in touch by either phoning us, emailing, or leaving us a message on our contact form.

Why Corbel

Up to Date Multi-Layered Cyber Security Support

Cyber Security has never been more important, and the Cyber threat landscape is ever-changing. At Corbel, we consistently prioritise investment in our entire team, ensuring every member has the latest accreditations for best practice on cyber across the board, meaning we stay ahead of the field and are able to give you the most up to date multi-layered support to safeguard your business effectively.

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Corbel's Mark Cyber Security Corbel's Mark Cyber Security

Staff Top Tip

Your people are the biggest security threat

Don’t underestimate the training of your users to keep your environment secure – a staggering fact is that 99% of cyber attacks require social engineering. By ensuring your users are well-informed about potential threats, you significantly enhance your overall security posture.

Jack Lambert

Jack's Tech Tip Jack's Tech Tip
Malcolm Kapadia
Malcolm Kapadia
Corbel have been so kind and helpful in donating a large number of handsets to be used within Primary Schools. Thank you Louise and the rest of a team - such a lovely thing to do for our local communities!
Sue Bloomfield
Sue Bloomfield
Very helpful company with great customer service. They regularly go the extra mile to make sure that I understand the solutions they have implemented and how I can maximise the use of them.
ann osborn
ann osborn
Hannah migrated us over to Microsoft 365 back in 2020. The whole migration was planned out really well and managed through to a really high standard. Hannah was a pleasure to work with, friendly, approachable and very patient. Nothing was too much trouble. I would thoroughly recommend Hannah to any local business looking for IT services.
Stuart Dantzic
Stuart Dantzic
Exceptional service and support. From initial enquiry about our IT support, through to the proposal, sign up and onboarding has been completely seamless. Friendly and helpful team, who respond quick to any IT support tickets and more importantly resolve any issues promptly with minimum disruption. Highly recommend!
Joshua Davey
Joshua Davey
Very helpful company who have supported us for the last 4 years. Would highly recommend!
Daniel Ashford
Daniel Ashford
Great customer service, great understanding of our issues, communication fantastic when it was so desperately required to get our business moving. We would highly recommend the team at Corbel Solutions Ltd
Helen Crapnell
Helen Crapnell
Great installation service. Easy, clear and on the ball. Highly recommend.
Adrian Copeland
Adrian Copeland
I can’t thank Arran & Louise enough as they both went above & beyond to help me by arranging & setting up a loaned PC whilst I was waiting for a replacement one, nothing was too much trouble for them & I really appreciated the speed of their actions. Adrian C
David Waring
David Waring
We have recently started working with Corbel and can only praise them for their fast response times to issues raised and how they have kept us informed along the way to resolving them. I would highly recommend Corbel to anyone.
Tracey Ling
Tracey Ling
We have recently begun working with Corbel and have been really impressed so far. The team are very friendly and have resolved some long-standing IT issues for us that others have been unable to resolve; never hesitating to go above and beyond to exceed expectations. If the team are on a call about one specific issue and notice another unrelated issue, they will look to fix this straight away for us which is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Corbel if you were thinking of changing IT Support providers.
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