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Cyber Essentials Readiness Audit

Unlock Cyber Resilience. Prepare for Cyber Essentials Certification

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Benefits of our Cyber Essentials Readiness Audit

  • Strengthen your defence against cyber threats
  • Establish a clear roadmap with actionable steps for achieving Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Identify and rectify vulnerabilities to minimise the risk of security breaches
  • Build trust and position your business as a secure partner
  • Proactively prevent expensive security incidents and data breaches

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Is now the time to assess the effectiveness of your security software and IT systems?

Are you seeking assistance with obtaining Cyber Essentials certification?

What is a Cyber Essentials Readiness Audit?

Ensuring the security of sensitive information and defending against cyber threats are top priorities at Corbel, based in Ipswich.

Our thorough audit service specialises in assessing your business’s Cyber Security measures, providing actionable recommendations to support you in obtaining Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Through pinpointing and addressing areas of risk, our expert team adeptly navigates you through the accreditation process, guaranteeing a smooth journey towards achieving your accreditation objectives.

What are the benefits of Cyber Essentials Certification?

Meeting certification requirements strengthens your defences against 99% of prevalent Cyber Security threats. This certification stands as a tangible showcase of your commitment to protecting your IT infrastructure and valuable data, building trust among clients, insurers, and regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, it unlocks avenues for new business opportunities, as an increasing number of government and private sector accounts prioritise organisations with Cyber Essentials certification.

Our Approach

At Corbel, we ardently support the Cyber Essentials Certification Scheme. We strongly emphasise the importance for businesses across Ipswich, Newmarket, Lowestoft, Sudbury, Felixstowe and throughout Suffolk to proactively safeguard themselves and their esteemed customers from the continually evolving landscape of online threats and malicious attacks.

Our dedicated strategy focuses on educating our clients and aiding them in evaluating their Cyber Security strengths and weaknesses. Once we ensure the security and resilience of their IT infrastructure, we actively assist and guide them toward achieving the esteemed Cyber Essentials certification.

This includes:

Initial Assessment:

  • We will conduct a thorough review of your existing Cyber Security policies, procedures, and documentation.
  • Our team will interview key personnel to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current practices and challenges.
  • We will assess your network architecture, infrastructure, and access controls to identify any areas of concern.

Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Our IT experts will perform comprehensive scanning and testing of your network infrastructure, systems, and applications.
  • We will identify vulnerabilities, potential threats, and associated risks that may pose a risk to your security.
  • Our analysis will include an evaluation of your existing security controls, such as firewalls and antivirus software.

Policy and Procedure Review:

  • We will carefully examine your Cyber Security policies, incident response plans, and Disaster Recovery procedures.
  • Our assessment will cover data protection measures, access management protocols, and user awareness training programs.
  • We will ensure that your existing practices align with the requirements of the Cyber Essentials certification.

Reporting and Recommendations:

  • You will receive a detailed audit report that highlights our findings, vulnerabilities discovered, and weaknesses identified.
  • Our team will provide prioritised recommendations specifically tailored to address your company’s unique needs.
  • We will offer clear guidance on implementing the suggested improvements to enhance your Cyber Security resilience and lead you to successfully obtain the Cyber Essentials accreditation.

 As part of our package we will then guide you and your business through the process to achieve your Cyber Essentials accreditation.

“As Head of IT at PolicyBee- an online insurance broker- Cyber Security is a prioritised responsibility and something I take very seriously. Like our businesses continually develop, so do their cyber risks. To get expert opinion on where we stand, I reached out to Corbel, as our valued and trusted Disaster Recovery provider, to provide their guidance and support on the everchanging complexities of Cyber Security. Their impressive team carried out an extensive, on-site Cyber Security Audit to outline our current Cyber Security controls and give us the independent peace of mind that our layered security approach is following best practice guidelines. Their exceptional service and clear and concise reporting enabled us to be guided through the vital steps needed to ensure that our business is protected.”

David Pitt
Head of ICT

FAQs- Cyber Essentials Readiness Audit in Ipswich and Suffolk

Seeking support for Cyber Essentials Certification offers several benefits. Experts, like IT Solutions provider Corbel, provide guidance through the application process, ensuring you meet all requirements. Their knowledge and experience save you time and effort, and their comprehensive assessment identifies security gaps to address beforehand. You receive tailored recommendations, save valuable resources, and gain confidence in your Cyber Security measures. Professional support enhances your chances of successful certification and demonstrates your commitment to protecting your business from cyber threats.

Cyber Essentials Certification is beneficial for organisations of all sizes and sectors. It provides assurance to clients, partners, and stakeholders that you take Cyber Security seriously. It is especially relevant for Suffolk based businesses that handle sensitive customer data or engage in government contracts.

Cyber Essentials Certification is not mandatory for all organisations. However, it may be required by certain clients, government entities, or industry-specific regulations. Even if not mandatory, achieving the certification demonstrates a proactive approach to Cyber Security and can enhance business opportunities for small and medium businesses based in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Newmarket, Sudbury and across Suffolk.

Penetration Testing available across Ipswich and the surrounding Suffolk area.

Our Service Areas

We provide Cyber Essentials Readiness Audits to businesses of all sizes across Suffolk

Bury St Edmunds

If you are looking into Cyber Essentials in Ipswich or anywhere across Suffolk, please get in touch by either phoning us, emailing, or leaving us a message on our contact form.

Why Corbel

We're IT and Cyber Security Experts

Rest assured, our meticulous approach encompasses a thorough identification and resolution of potential threats, providing you with peace of mind and establishing a robust and secure IT environment.

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Secure your Devices

Implement proactive measures to secure your devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, safeguarding both personal information and business data. Establish robust screen locks, such as PINs, passwords, or biometric authentication (e.g., fingerprint or facial recognition), on all devices. This deters unauthorised access when devices are idle and adds an extra layer of defence against potential data breaches.

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