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Cyber Security Training and Phishing Simulation

Empower your team to protect your data with our Cyber Security Training

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Our comprehensive Package includes:

  • A 45-minute video summary highlighting the major threats of the year
  • Weekly micro-videos with short quizzes on a range of subjects
  • Monthly Cyber Security Newsletter for the latest information updates
  • Outlook plug-in for analysing potentially malicious emails and verifying their authenticity
  • A new starter Cyber Security assessment for seamless onboarding
  • Quarterly phishing simulations to test your organisation's readiness
  • Individual scores for each team member, considering their training engagement and responses to phishing simulations

Find out if your details are on the Dark Web

Utilise our Dark Web Credential monitoring system to identify compromised credentials in real-time. Contact us to request a complimentary one-time scan.

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What is a Cyber Security Training?

Cyber Security Training is vital for protecting individuals and businesses from the increasing number of cyber threats that exist today. Cyber Security Training involves educating individuals on the various types of cyber attacks, how they work, and the steps that can be taken to prevent and respond to them.

This training can be delivered in diverse formats and covers topics ranging from basic Cyber Security principles to advanced threat detection and response techniques. By providing individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and mitigate cyber threats, Cyber Security Training plays a crucial role in the safety and security of sensitive data in your Suffolk business.

Common Business Misconceptions of Cyber Security Training

  • My employees are smarter than that
  • My employees don’t have the time
  • My business is too small
  • We are covered if a breach happens
  • We don’t have valuable data

Unfortunately, the reality is different; Cyber Attacks surged by 77% last year, and small businesses are nine times more likely to be impacted. Considering the fact that human error is a contributing factor in 95% of Data Breaches, your Suffolk business should not ignore these risks but confront the potential cyber threats proactively.

“At Caladanian Ltd, we take the security of our data and systems very seriously. That’s why we turned to Corbel for our Cyber Security training needs. We were incredibly impressed by the quality of the training materials that were available in the training portal.

The training is comprehensive and engaging, covering everything from basic security best practices to advanced threat detection techniques. The phishing simulations were particularly impressive, accurately mimicking real-world attacks and giving our employees valuable experience in identifying and avoiding them.

Thanks to Corbel’s Cyber Training, our employees are now better equipped to protect our company from cyber threat and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the awareness of the importance of security amongst out team. We highly recommend Corbel to any company looking to improve their Cyber Security.”

Laura Guntrip

Why Cyber Security Training is important?

It’s crucial to recognise that regardless of size, all organisations are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, underscoring the importance of prioritising Cyber Awareness Training. Implementing such training not only minimises the risk of downtime but also ensures swift response in the event of a cyber-attack. When in the unfortunate event an attack occurs, operations can be significantly disrupted, and recovering from a ransomware incident may take days, weeks, or even months, depending on its severity and the effectiveness of your business continuity plan. To proactively mitigate such risks, it’s crucial to ensure that staff are knowledgeable about the signs of a cyber-attack and understand the appropriate response procedures.

Phishing Simulation and Dark Web Monitoring

Phishing simulation and Dark Web monitoring stand as essential pillars of any comprehensive Cyber Security strategy. Phishing, a prevalent tactic employed by cybercriminals, aims to illicitly obtain sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card details, and personal data. Typically conducted quarterly, a Phishing simulation entails the distribution of an email mimicking a genuine phishing attempt. The objective is to craft an email that appears highly convincing, containing only minor errors discernible to well-trained employees. Following a phishing campaign, employers receive a comprehensive report detailing individuals who interacted with the deceptive email. This data supports in identifying employees necessitating additional training and facilitates the provision of targeted training materials.

Dark Web monitoring is a vital aspect of Cyber Security training, enabling businesses to promptly detect if any of their credentials have surfaced for sale on the dark web. Although removing such information from the dark web is unfeasible, organisations can undertake measures to mitigate the impact of a potential data breach, thereby safeguarding their business, employees, and clients.

Cyber Security Training, Phishing Simulation, and Dark Web Monitoring collaborate synergistically to offer a comprehensive approach for mitigating cyber threats. Through evaluating the overall risk score posed by cyber threats to each team member, businesses can proactively implement measures to safeguard their data and systems from cyber attacks.

FAQs- Cyber Security Training and Phishing Simulation, Ipswich, Suffolk

All employees work differently so it’s vital that your Cyber Security Training takes this into account. At Corbel, based in Ipswich, we use a Cyber Training Portal that has a range of short, attainable video content, combined with integrated tools that teach on the job in order to cater to all learning types.

The platform we use at Corbel gives your employees an initial benchmarking score depending on your Cyber Security knowledge and then there is an opportunity for you to understand your employees initial level of knowledge and measure improvement over time.

Alongside the regular, repetitive, short videos on the platform there is also an annual 45-minute video is given on all the Cyber-Attack trends to look out for in the year. Following this, there are approximately 20 questions to gauge comprehension.


Cyber Security is a shared responsibility that involves everyone in an organisation, from executives and managers to employees and contractors. Because Cyber Security threats are widespread, every individual who uses a computer or other digital device has a role to play in protecting sensitive data and systems within their respective workplace. 

Managers have a responsibility to provide adequate resources and support for Cyber Security initiatives including Cyber Security Training. Employees on the other hand have a responsibility to adhere to established Cyber Security policies and procedures, report any suspicious activity, and keep their own devices and passwords secure.

Phishing simulations are designed to mimic real-life phishing attacks in order to test your organisations readiness and response to such attacks. These simulations typically involve sending fake phishing emails to employees and then monitoring their responses to see how many people fall for the scam. The goal of these simulations is to identify vulnerabilities in your business’s security posture, and to educate employees about how to spot and avoid phishing attacks in the future.

Phishing attacks are one of the most common and effective forms of cyber attacks, and can lead to significant data breaches, financial losses, and harm to your business’s reputation.

Phishing simulations help organisations to identify weaknesses in their security controls, and to educate employees about how to recognise and avoid these types of attacks.

Regularly conducting these simulations can enhance your overall security stance and lower the likelihood of falling victim to a real phishing attack.

Cyber Security Training is a smart investment for businesses in Ipswich, Felixstowe or across Suffolk of any size.  At Corbel, for as little as £75 a month, it can reduce the risk of cyber attacks by educating employees on how to identify and avoid common threats. This investment can also help businesses remain compliant with regulations, improve their security posture, better respond to security incidents, and ultimately save money in the long run by reducing the cost of a potential cyber attack.

Empowering employees with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves and the organisation, businesses can better safeguard their data and reputation.

Penetration Testing available across Ipswich and the surrounding Suffolk area.

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Staff Top Tip

Make Cyber Security Engaging

It's so important to make your Cyber Security Training interactive and engaging. You should always use a variety of training methods such as quizzes, games and simulations to make each session the most valuable to your team. By using realistic scenarios and always keeping your training materials up-to-date with the latest Cyber Security threats means that your employees are totally ready and equipped to deal with current and emerging threats.

Karen Rogers

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