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Penetration testing

Provide your business with the confidence to effectively handle and reduce both internal and external Cyber Security threats.

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Benefits of Penetration Testing from Ipswich based Corbel

  • Identifies potential system vulnerabilities, ensuring robust security
  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance
  • Ensures effective protection of your data assets
  • Enhances customer loyalty and builds trust in your business
  • Proactively prevents disruptions and costly security breaches

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Our Infrastructure Penetration Testing service provides a thorough assessment of your IT environment and its resilience to cyber-attack.

What is Pen Testing?

The main objective of a penetration test (or pen testing) is to discover vulnerabilities in your IT systems that could be exploited to your detriment. Armed with this insight, you can effectively prioritise mitigation strategies to address these weaknesses and ensure the security of your business.

Corbel’s Penetration Testing service integrates cutting-edge methodology processes and our proficiency as Cyber Security specialists to safeguard both external and internal networks for businesses of all sizes in Ipswich and throughout Suffolk.

Are you looking for Penetration Testing in Ipswich?

How does Penetration Testing work?

Conducting ethical simulations mirroring a potential malicious attacker from the public internet, the IT and Cyber Security specialists at Corbel in Ipswich will pinpoint security vulnerabilities in both your external and internal network environments. The findings obtained through a thorough pen test will be consolidated into a comprehensive prioritised report, empowering you to implement necessary enhancements to your systems and Cyber Security practices, thereby fortifying the resilience of your security processes.

Two primary penetration testing methods are utilised, addressing both external and internal network security aspects.

External Infrastructure Penetration Test

Our service conducts comprehensive testing on all your internet-facing assets, which encompass firewalls, line-of-business applications, email servers, and domain name servers. The primary aim is to identify any potential vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of your external network perimeter.

Internal Infrastructure Penetration Test

Simulates the actions of a malicious entity who may have breached your external firewall or gained remote access through a phishing attack. The main objective is to assess risks and safeguard your business against unauthorised activities such as data theft and operational interruptions.

Merging multiple technologies that were once manually conducted into an automated fashion, Corbel’s Pen Test uses the following to provide maximum effectiveness as an affordable penetration testing tool for businesses in Ipswich, Suffolk and beyond.

The 6 tools used for Penetration Testing, Ipswich

Why choose Corbel for your Ipswich Pen Testing provider?

  • A penetration test can be conducted monthly, quarterly, or yearly- according to your specific needs
  • Penetration testing activities are continuously monitored in real-time, offering insights for enhancing detection and monitoring controls
  • Daily notifications can be sent to provide up-to-date progress and activity updates
  • Cost effective services are available to businesses in Ipswich and across Suffolk, boasting swift turnaround times
  • Clear, concise reporting, prioritised for clarity, facilities an understanding of necessary improvements to enhance IT security
  • Our expert partner collaborate with you to comprehend, mitigate, and replicate identified threats within your network

“As a college, Cyber Security is of utmost importance to us to ensure safety of the student, parent & staff information that we store.  We recently partnered with Corbel Solutions for a penetration testing project and were extremely impressed with their thorough approach, their level of expertise and professionalism. Their team was able to identify and effectively address vulnerabilities in our system, giving us peace of mind to add to our already comprehensive Cyber Security strategy. The clear and concise report they provided was easy to understand and helped us prioritise our IT efforts moving forward. We highly recommend Corbel solutions for any IT support needs, especially when it comes to Cyber Security.”

Keiron Orris
IT Network Manager

FAQs- Penetration Testing in Ipswich and Suffolk

Penetration testing for businesses based in Ipswich and the surrounding Suffolk area is vital. By understanding and exposing potential vulnerabilities in your system, pen tests provides your business the assurance it needs to manage and mitigate both internal and external cyber security risks, ultimately ensuring you systems are secure.

Penetration tests are essential for all organisations not just large businesses. Small and medium sized businesses throughout Ipswich, Felixstowe, Colchester, Bury St Edmunds and across Suffolk must ensure that their security measures are resilient to the ever-increasing and everchanging threats that impact the region.

Depending on your business sector Penetration Testing can be legally required for small, medium and large businesses in Ipswich and across Suffolk to ensure you are complying with security standards enforced by the regulations within your field.

At Corbel, an IT Support and Cyber Security company, we provide comprehensive penetration tests accompanied by a detailed audit report which can demonstrate that you are in full compliance with the highest possible security standards for your Ipswich business.

Ipswich Penetration testing is an affordable solution to ensure your business IT systems are secure.

Prices start from £1000 a month and this price is personally tailored to each Ipswich and Suffolk business according to their network configuration and their number of IP addresses.   

This can vary based on a number of factors, including what penetration testing regulations are set in your business sector.

Penetration Testing can only discover unknown vulnerabilities at the time of testing. So we do recommend investing in regular penetration testing for your Ipswich business to ensure the legitimacy of your IT security.

Ipswich Pen Testing at Corbel is not only cost-effective but also flexible to your needs and can be carried out monthly, quarterly, yearly- however often you require.

Penetration Testing available across Ipswich and the surrounding Suffolk area.

Our Service Areas

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If you are looking for pen testing in Ipswich or anywhere across the East of England, please get in touch by either phoning us, emailing, or leaving us a message on our contact form.

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With full expertise in IT and cyber security, we’ll safely exploit your security vulnerabilities in a controlled environment and importantly, minimise disruption to your operations.

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