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Hosting differs from private cloud technology in that the bulk of connections between remote sites and hosted infrastructure are across dedicated links, either via site-to-site VPN or IP converge networks. Using a dedicated hosting service provides high performance, security, email stability, and control.



Corbel is experienced in the provision of hosting systems based upon the Microsoft Windows Server suite. Many companies are now moving towards hosting solutions due to lack of IT knowledge, inadequate training provision, low staffing levels and space and cost constraints. Hosting can cover a range of business requirements including email, databases, applications, backup and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity.

Corbel has the experience and knowledge to design high performing hosted solutions that accurately meet client needs.


Please contact us to discuss your hosting requirements or call us on 01473 241515.

Clients that gained from this service include:

Thompson & Morgan
Maritime Transport
UX Online
Orwell Mencap
Suffolk Archaeology
Ryan Insurance

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