The way to your networks heart? Through its cabling.

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Your cabling infrastructure is a significant long-term investment and it should be to the correct industry standard that allows it to function at its best for many years. Unfortunately, cabling for voice/data networks is often thought of in simple terms and are then chosen by the lowest price. Of course price is an understandable element in the purchasing decision but it has to be realised that low prices could also mean low quality of material (copper/fibre), installation and termination. This poor quality will cause problems over time and could lead to costly fixes.

Your cabling should be of sufficient quality to live far beyond that of the devices connected to it, be they computers, servers, or telephones. Of course it is inevitable that you will want to upgrade and add new devices over time. A poor quality cabling infrastructure may affect the performance of newer and faster devices, affecting the value of such upgrades and reducing the level of return on investment. Quality cabling installations are fully designed, tested and typically guaranteed for twenty-five years.

High-quality cabling can reduce the amount of downtime your staff and students suffer and also will allow your devices to achieve their peak performance. If your networks foundation is based upon poor quality cabling, is poorly installed or badly terminated, it may suffer from interference or degradation, resulting in slower than expected network speeds and intermittent connections. This can not only be frustrating to both staff and students but also affect the ability for students to practice their studies.

Think of your cabling infrastructure as a series of roads leading to various destinations, these destinations representing your various devices. To complement your investment in your roads, you travel along them in some high performance cars which represent your data moving between devices. If the roads are constructed to a poor standard then potholes appear and the surface deteriorates, forcing the cars to travel at much slower speeds to avoid accidents and breakdowns. These roads have to be repaired and fixed over time at additional cost, downtime and inconvenience. Your data in your cabling infrastructure is affected in a similar way, your network speeds will suffer when using lesser quality cable and installation methods.

Hopefully that explains why making sure that your infrastructure is constructed from high quality materials and installed to the correctly industry standards can work out to be more cost-effective and beneficial over a period of time. It is important to think of your cabling infrastructure as a long-term investment that while invisible to the general eye most of the time, will affect every device using it – the better quality of that infrastructure then the better return on investment and higher performance you’ll achieve when using those devices.

Prices for your cabling materials will most likely vary and labour costs will be a significant proportion of project costs, so finding a company that not only understands the importance of the right devices for your needs but also the cabling they need to work at their peak is also very important. A dependable company will take time to learn your needs now and in the future and will design a suitable solution to ensure those needs at met.

So, in summary, thinking about your cabling infrastructure as a long-term investment and choosing a cost-effective solution rather than the lowest cost option could well save you a substantial amount of money, inconvenience and poor device performance in the long term.

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