The Workplace Recovery conundrum – could you function in the event of a disaster or disruption?

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What comes to mind when you think about “Workplace Recovery”? Does your mind conjure up images of some “end of the world”-level event, a “Walking Dead”-style zombie apocalypse or even an alien invasion perhaps?

Workplace Recovery basically encompasses planning and preparation to ensure that an organisation which cannot continue to operate in its native premises can continue to function at a completely different physical location. This would include being able to replicate an office environment including computers, networking, servers, printers, furniture etc., allowing the business to operate in a similar fashion until a more permanent premises is ready for them to return to.

It doesn’t need to be a natural disaster that interrupts an organisation operating, in fact natural disasters only cause around 5% downtime. The majority of downtime is actually caused by a combination of hardware and software failures as well as human error. Other things that could affect the ability for the workplace to function could be faulty air conditioning, connectivity failure, power outage, or even fire or water leaks. In these modern times such interruptions could also be caused by terror threats, virus infections and ransomware attacks.

Dedicated Workplace Recovery (also known as Disaster Recovery) sites offer a number of “seats” to organisations which they can use in the event that their own premises isn’t accessible or usable. Generally these sites are like “ghost” office environments just waiting to be populated and have plenty of parking and facilities for small to medium-sized organisations. These sites are designed to be fully operational very quickly, limiting downtime to the organisation and thereby limiting the amount of revenue lost whilst the problem at the original site is rectified. In conjunction with a decent Business Continuity plan, Workplace Recovery sites can often make the difference between an organisation continuing to function and it ceasing to exist.

Are you confident your organisation could continue to operate as “business as usual” in the event of any disaster or disruption?

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