World Backup Day: Corbel releases unified Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solution

The Corbel Blog

Corbel are pleased to announce details of their most comprehensive and resilient backup solution yet. The Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is based around the best components and the latest technologies to bring you a highly resilient, fast and quality backup solution for your business.

The solution revolves around a physical backup appliance that replicates periodically up to a secure storage cloud. The on-premise appliance keeps the most recent local backups on site for fast restore should you need them with the cloud holding an archives of backups going back from the most recent. This allows your backups to be quicker as your systems are always replicating to the physical appliance on your network and then the appliance copies those backup sets to the cloud at a later date, reducing the stress on your network and keeping things nice and brisk for your users.

Another advantage of this solution is that in the event of a server failure, for example, you have the ability to spin up a VM of the failed server on the physical backup appliance, allowing your business to continue to function while you’re getting the failed unit repaired or replaced. In the event of a greater disaster, something that affects the physical business premises for example, the solution also includes two seats at a Corbel Disaster Recovery site where you can relocate to and spin up your servers in the secure storage cloud so you can keep your business operational while your physical premises are being worked upon.

More detailed information on this solution can be found on the managed backup page.

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